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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997
Sender: •••@••.••• (Kathleen Geathers)
Subject: Re: cj#640> TWA - Report #1 - EYEWITNESS

I can understand  this couple who saw the crash of the jet in New York Harbor.
What they're describing is the military's disrespect for anyone's life, not
even their own citizens. Look what recently happened when another plane
was almost sunk over the Atlantic when two of our military planes took
chase, and the commercial plane filled with people had to manuever for it's
safety. What kind of mad world is this!


Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997
Sender: Andrew Curry <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#640> TWA - Report #1 - EYEWITNESS

<•••@••.•••> writes:
>        What I'd like to do, in this first report, is start back at the
>beginning with eyewitness testimony and early steps in the cover-up.  In
>reading the newspaper article below, it is with some irony that one can
>keep in mind the following quote (cj, 10 Nov 96):
>   >...James Kallstrom, the FBI official heading the investigation, denounced
>   >the so-called  "friendly  fire"  theory  last  month,  calling  it  an
>   >"outrageous accusation"...


I'm sure you're familiar with the technique of the "non-denial denial",
perfected by Nixon aides during Watergate. You denounce something
strongly so it *seems* like you're denying it - but you don't actually
deny it.

Maybe there's more to Kallstrom's quote than you included above - but if
that's all there is it's a pretty good example of the genre.

Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997
Sender: Frank Scott <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#641> TWA - Report #2 - Friendly Fire Theory

I'm certainly not against accepting the possibility that a missile was
responsible, but have heard or read nothing that would cause me to believe
that was the case. The alleged eyewitness account, with attendant stories of
bribery and silence, is about as believable as UFO/surgical visitations.

Can anyone here believe that more than one person saw this missile, and yet
all have been kept silent? This is beyond conspiracy fantasies and tripping
into the realm of serious social-psychological disorder. Given the numerous
scum-sleaze-scandal marketers in publishing and TV land, how could such
"stories" be kept quiet...except for some sources on the (dum da dum dum)

By the way, wouldn't the airline love to be able to blame the crash on
something other than its own machinery or staff? Corporate capital controls
far too much of reality, but I think this one is a stretch.



Dear cj,

        I'd like to comment on Frank's letter at two levels.  First, let's
just take it as an expression of skepticisim regarding the kinds of reports
we've seen on this list.  In this regard, one can observe that the coverup
process is fairly effective.  By intimidating and suppressing the
witnesses, the FBI minimizes sources for "expose" stories.  But more
important, when the FBI chief demonize the friendly-fire theory ("outragous
accusation"), the signal goes out that any discussion of that theory is
"off topic" in the mass-media "concensus reality".
        From someone like Frank, who, avowedly, believes national tv will
eventually uncover all lies, the truth has been successfully suppressed.
No mainstream media venue will endanger its reputation for "objective
reporting" by venturing beyond the established concensus reality -- the
party line, if you will.

        But, on another level, Frank's letter seems less an expression of
skepticism than an attempt promote skepticism in others.  Is the eyewitness
report we saw really so unbelievable?  And it isn't true that "all
[witnesses] have been kept silent" -- there have been eyewitness reports in
newspapers, on wire services, and on television.  Such reports have by no
means been limited to internet-originated stories.

        But the internet does play a unique role.  It serves as a kind of
"people's wire service", taking stories which appear only in local venues
and redistributing them to a wider audience.  This is an intenet function,
by the way, that is treatened by the global move toward stronger
copyrights.  We're heading toward a situation where the forwarding of
stories will be very highly curtailed.


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