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Dear cj,

Below are the latest reports from Parveez Syed, who continues to provide
the best information I've seen on TWA incident, and none of whose reports
have been shown to be false, so far as I've seen.  Please note that the
names of most sources are included -- eyewitnesses, investigators,
laboratories, etc.  The case for the friendly-fire scenario seems to be
rather solid at this point.

Indeed, in the face of the increasingly publicised revelations, the
government/media may be forced to abandon the cover-up before long.  If
that happens, you can be sure officials will announce that "friendly fire"
was totally unexpected, and was only determined after months of
"painstaking investigation".

That, of course, would be still another lie -- a cover-up of the cover-up.
If it was a Navy missile, then quite clearly the government knew it almost
immediately from such obvious sources as the still-unreleased radar tapes,
air-controller testimony, on-board recordings from the Navy training
planes, etc.

This is an important point to keep in mind when considering the various
uses to which the incident has been put by the government and media.  Photo
IDs are now required to board flights, parcels cannot be mailed except in
person, Muslims have once again been demonized, etc.  In an earlier report
(not re-posted to cj), Parveez summarized repressive legislation that was
rushed through on the basis of FBI claims that terrorists were responsible
for TWA 800:

        Tuesday 11 February 1997, London-UK
        From: Parveez Syed

        ...The FBI is not a neutral source. Its reports in the
        media were used by the Clinton administration as well as key
        senators - particularly Ted Kennedy and Alfonse D'Amato - to push
        through Draconian police-state measures in the last session of
        Congress. The laws were passed even though it is now clear that
        no bomb or terrorist had anything to do with the devastating
        crash. The measures include:

        1: a return to pre-Watergate rules on wiretaps and secret police

        2: authority for the US government to prosecute anyone posting
        material on the Internet that might, allegedly, be used for
        criminal purposes; and

        3: authority for the FBI to begin computerised tracking of every
        US citizen who flies...

And then we have in Parveez's latest reports (below) the following item:

        LONDON [SCN] - A television programme on CBS in the US recently
        ridiculed those who question the official lies about Paris-bound
        TWA flight 800 which crashed on Tuesday 17 July 1996.

        The programme then called for the "policing" of the Internet...

None of the repressive legislation or demonizing, it is clear, will be
retracted on the basis of the terrorist theory being repudiated -- we're
now stuck with these additonal erosions of our Consitutional rights.  My
own suspicion is that the cover-up has been carried out as much to promote
these measures as to avoid embarrasment for the fiasco.  That embarrasment,
after all, will fade away once Uncle Billy makes his mandatory tear-stained
voice-breaking TV apology to the families for the accident and promises,
with hand on heart, that it can't happen again.  The power of Mea Culpa.

But keep the timing in mind.  If it turns out to be a Navy missile, then
THEY KNEW IT ALL ALONG.  The announcements they made and the measures they
enacted were done with FULL KNOWLEDGE and FULL MALICE -- the lies were
cynically exploited for the purpose of further destroying the Constitution.

Speaking of timing, one must also note the timing of the incident itself.
It came along just in time to serve the above purposes, namely to push
through repressive legislation that might otherwise have been rather

In our next issue, I'd like to flesh out the case for the "Intentional
Friendly Fire" scenario.  I rated that one at only 5% probability in the
previous issue, but perhaps reconsideration is in order.


Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997
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Subject: TWA 800: another eyewitness saw missile hit

Wednesday 12 March 1997, London-UK [SRTV0004]

From: Parveez Syed
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TWA 800: another witness saw missile hit
by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV news agency

LONDON [SCN] - A US Air National Guardsman (ANG) - Capt Chris
Baur, a helicopter pilot - who saw the explosion of TWA flight
800 on 17 July 1996 repeatedly told authorities he thought a
missile had struck the plane, a intelligence source told Shanti
RTV news agency. Many eyewitnesses say they saw something that
could have been a missile in the sky the night of the crash.

Baur's clear view from the helicopter and his military training
would make his account one of the most credible. He "saw a track
of light and saw a hard explosion, then another explosion," the
source told Shanti RTV news agency. The pilot then shared his
observations with the FBI, the National Transportation Safety
Board (NTSB) and investigators from the Joint Terrorism Task
Force. An NTSB investigator who interviewed Baur dismissed the
evidence, claiming what the pilot saw could be explained by
mechanical malfunction that might have created "a tongue of
flame *coming from* the aircraft," the source explained.

Baur's eyewitness account comes to light as critics of the
official probe, cover-up and initimidation said to have evidence
suggesting that TWA 800 was shot down by an errant US navy
missile. A Pentagon spokesman, Kenneth Bacon, assistant
secretary of defense for public affairs, claimed US official
investigators had thoroughly probed the issue, even inventorying
the navy's missile arsenal. Bacon claimed "there is absolutely no
evidence to support this theory".

Commenting on the accidental "friendly fire" possibility, James
Hall, chairman of the NTSB claimed that there is no physical
evidence of TWA Flight 800 being shot down by a missile. The FBI
seized a videotape on Tuesday 11 March 1997 from the Florida
home of retired United Airlines pilot Richard Russell, who has
long supported the theory that a US navy missile brought down
the plane. Russell contends the tape is a copy of the US Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) radar and that it shows an object
speeding *toward* the jetliner. The tape is to be reviewed by a
US federal grand jury which has been considering possible
criminal elements of the crash, but the exact nature of that
probe is "top secret," the souce told Shanti RTV news agency.

The NTSB and FBI officials continue to claim they cannot yet
determine whether the jumbo jet was brought down by a bomb, a
missile or a mechanical malfunction. The crash into the Atlantic
Ocean off New York's Long Island almost seven months ago killed
all 230 people aboard.

Last year Muslims were being blamed - by self-styled "terrorism
experts" - for the crash. New, independent evidence indicates
that a missile probably brought down the jetliner. This would
give credence to the theory of an accidental shootdown by US
forces training in the area. The evidence includes reddish
residue found on several seat backs that laboratory analysis
showed to be "consistent with solid missile fuel" ingredients.

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 12 March 1997.
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Food for thought?: "World-class, global air media is the only
invisible member of the UN Security Council. The media invades
billions of minds and hearts everyday," - Parveez Syed.

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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997
Subject: TWA 800: US navy missile hit denied
From: Parveez Syed <•••@••.•••>

Sunday 09 March 1997, London-UK

From: Parveez Syed
Global Media Monitoring Unit
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TWA 800 a US navy missile hit denied again!
by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV news agency

LONDON [SCN] - A television programme on CBS in the US recently
ridiculed those who question the official lies about Paris-bound
TWA flight 800 which crashed on Tuesday 17 July 1996.

The programme then called for the "policing" of the Internet.
"Maybe CBS should be stripped of its FCC licenses, for
continually defrauding the public," a Western intelligence
official told Shanti RTV news agency. According to a new report,
however, a missile may have shot down the aircarft. New evidence
of a missile hit is coming to light and that the FAA may
release the radar tape that indicates an object streaks toward
TWA 800 right before it exploded.

The report "points to a missile" as the cause of the explosion
that killed all 230 people aboard TWA Flight 800 off New York's
Long Island almost seven months ago. The evidence includes
reddish residue found on several seat backs that laboratory
analysis showed to be "consistent with solid missile fuel"
ingredients with some adhesive qualities. The report said
information from FBI and National Transportation Safety Board
(NTSB) documents and investigative sources indicates the plane
may have been a victim of a terrorist missile or "friendly fire"
- a US Navy weapon gone astray. The report was published by the
Riverside Press-Enterprise (RPE) in the US. It is one of the
largest circulation papers in Southern California.

Debris pattern provides key to mystery. But FBI rejects key
portion of conclusion. The answer, according to a former
accident investigator, to the mystery of what happened to TWA 800
lies clearly written on the ocean floor. He says a missile downed
the airliner. The pattern of the first wreckage to hit the water,
combined with evidence of missile-propellent residue in the Boeing
747, clearly indicates that a missile carrying an inert warhead
smashed through the airliner, author and investigative reporter
James Sanders has concluded.

NTSB and FBI officials, however, dispute that assertion. "We will
be testifying before Congress on Tuesday [11 March 1997] that as
of today there is no physical evidence of a bomb or a missile in
any of the records (evidence) that we have recovered," NTSB
spokesman Peter Goelz said. Sanders and reporter Mark Sauter
co-authored two books, "Soldiers of Misfortune" and "The Men We
Left Behind," about America's prisoners of war from World War I.
New evidence, much of it distilled from FBI and NTSB documents,
points to a missile as the cause of the crash.

US federal officials have spent almost seven months sifting
through the recovered wreckage. Other officials have been
intimidating key witnesses and journalists who question the
official lies. Some top officials have been dismissing the
"friendly US navy fire" theories. Officials still claim that this
unprecedented effort has yet to rule out any of their three
working theories - a bomb, a missile or mechanical failure - of
how the Boeing 747 crashed, killing all 230 people aboard in the
second worst disaster in US aviation history.

However, independent computer analysis and laboratory tests
provide compelling testimony that a missile brought down the
Paris-bound jumbo jet. "That evidence includes: an analysis of
the way debris fell into the Atlantic Ocean supports the idea
that the initial event in the disaster involved an object
striking the right side of the aircraft just ahead of the wing,
travelling up through the floor and across the cabin before
exiting the left side of the plane in the area of row 17,"
according to the PRE report. "A trail of reddish residue found
imbedded in 15 seats from rows 17-19 contains chemical elements
consistent with solid missile fuel, a conclusion roundly denied
by the FBI, which tested the material. A tapes scheduled to be
released reportedly show a projectile travelling faster than
1,500 miles per hour on a collision course with TWA 800 just
seconds before the jetliner".

As for TWA Flight 800, analysis of the wreckage also disproves
the most widespread version of the cause of the tragedy, an
explosion of the airliner's center wing tank, Sanders said. He
used classified documents obtained from confidential sources
inside the official investigation to reconstruct the plane's
final moments and called on his own skills as a former auto
accident investigator and officer in the Seal Beach Police
Department. Sanders said he believes high officials at the FBI
and NTSB, the two principal agencies investigating the crash,
must already have reached the conclusion that a missile caused the
crash. Sanders says he does not know, he says the government is
attempting to cover up the true cause of the crash.

James Kallstrom, the FBI's assistant director in charge of the
investigation, bristled at the suggestion he or his agents were
covering up anything. "I wish we had something that was
definitive of any theory," but the FBI does not, he said. "You
could walk in there (reconstruction area) and have 50 theories
and to the amateur mind and novice conclude that something
specific happened".

Sanders said the US government's documents paint the trail, not
him. "I would love to say I'm a genius, but any accident
investigator in the US would take this same information and come
up with the same answer in two to three weeks," Sanders said.

A Federal Aviation Administration crash analyst who reviewed the
NTSB Flight 800 crash documents said they made him believe some
outside object pierced the jumbo jet from right to left and started
the catastrophic sequence that eventually dismembered the plane.
The analyst spoke on the condition his name not be used.

TWA Flight 800 took off from JFK Airport in New York at 20:19
hours on 17 July 1996, on a nonstop, cross-Atlantic flight to
Paris. At 20:31 hours just 12 minutes after the take-off, the jet
was about 12 miles south of the Long Island coastline, over the
Atlantic Ocean, when it lit up the sky in a blaze and plunged
into the ocean. Everyone on board died. About 150 eyewitnesses
from the ground reported seeing what they thought to be a
missile, climbing to meet the 747 seconds before seeing the jet
erupt into flames. The FBI lists 34 witnesses it considers
"credible". US government officials, including the vice chairman
of the NTSB and the White House press secretary, since have made
statements all but dismissing a missile or "friendly fire" from
US military forces as the culprit.

Sanders said his quest for the answer to the fate of TWA Flight
800 got off to a real start in November 1996. Someone whom
Sanders declined to identify passed him a 104-page printout of
the FBI-NTSB catalog of every article recovered from the
undersea crash site.

The tragic tally, thousands of items long, includes clothing,
luggage, food trays, a woman's purse, passenger seats, aluminum
wing fragments, beams and struts, human bodies and body parts.
Each entry lists the latitude and longitude of the resting place
on the ocean floor of an item or group of items, pinpointed
within a few feet by US navy and police scuba divers using
satellite-assisted position-finding electronics.

Sanders punched that information into a personal computer and
produced a diagram of the debris pattern. The resulting map
reveals a west-to-east swath of wreckage scattered across two
miles of ocean floor. "It's like skid marks on the bottom of the
ocean," Sanders said. "The diagram tells you a story of what
happened". His experience reconstructing auto accidents led him
to home in on the first 4,700-foot stretch of undersea debris.

"It is generally recognised that whatever was impacted first
falls off first. That principal applies whether you're in the
air or on the ground, moving slowly or moving fast," Sanders
said. "It's like the crash of a Corvette moving more than 120
miles an hour. I've seen a Corvette engine end up more than
three-tenths of a mile from the road, but that's not where the
impact occurred. To find the cause, you trace the skid marks
back to the point of impact".

A January NTSB report describing the order in which the plane
fell apart states that the point at which items left the plane
was among the more critical criteria needed to establish the
cause. Two of the first aircraft parts to fall into the ocean,
according to the FBI-NTSB log, were the R-2 door, a door on the
right side of the forward cabin, and a leading edge of the right
wing where the wing joins the fuselage, or body of the aircraft.

The area between the door and the wing fragment corresponds
exactly to a "gouge" that investigators discovered on the right
side of the fuselage, Sanders said. That hole, Sanders said, was
where a speeding missile punched into the airliner. Investigators
also discovered a second, larger hole on the opposite or
left-hand side of the fuselage, one of Sanders' inside sources
said. Sanders said he believes the missile, which he thinks
contained no explosive warhead, created the second hole exiting
the airliner. At the time Sanders says a missile hit Flight 800,
the jet was traveling at 395mph. Sanders said he was told that
the damage would have created "hurricane forces inside the cabin,
sucking out anything not bolted down" through the left-side exit
hole. Proof of those forces also lies in the initial portion of
flight 800's watery grave, Sanders said. Everything ejected from
the forward passenger cabin, including dozens of bodies, 42
passenger seats and a galley, landed in a west-to-east path
running parallel and 1,000 to 2,000 feet to the left of the
airplane's actual flight path, according to the FBI NTSB log.

Sanders noted that "left-side bias" also showed up in the resting
places of dozens of bodies recovered in that first stretch of sea
bottom. Sanders said the official government statements and news
reports on theories into the cause of the crash have given short
shrift to that first, critical 4,700-foot portion of the crash
site. Instead, the government has focused its analysis on the
far-less-revealing wreckage that fell into the ocean afterward, he
said. More missile evidence reached Sanders in a December 1996
conversation with an investigator who had access to the facility
in Suffolk County, Long Island, where the NTSB was identifying
and piecing together the recovered parts of the aircraft, Sanders
said. The investigator, whom Sanders declined to identify, said
some of the passenger seats were coated with an orange-red
residue, Sanders said.

With help from the investigator, Sanders said he pinpointed the
residue-coated seats as being in rows 17, 18 and 19, all directly
between the "entry" and "exit" holes in the fuselage. Sanders
said he later obtained samples of the residue and sent one to a
commercial laboratory for analysis. The analysis by West Coast
Analytical Service in Santa Fe Springs, California, found the
residue contained, among other elements, silicon, calcium and
aluminum. Those elements, Sanders said, are consistent with
emissions from the burning of solid rocket fuel.

"The results were conclusive," Sanders said. Sanders dismissed a
different theory for what caused the crash. NBC News, citing
sources at the NTSB, has reported the most likely cause of the
disaster was an explosion of the aircraft's center wing tank.
Sanders said analysis of the undersea wreckage "completely
eliminates" that theory. Sanders agrees that a fire did occur in
the fuel tank. However, that event did not occur until well
after the aircraft already was in trouble, he said.

The NTSB Metallurgy/Structures Sequencing Group Report, signed
by its nine members on 22 Jan 1997, reached the same official
conclusion. According to Sanders' version, the missile's impact
led to a fire in the center wing tank, located underneath the
cabin floor and just behind, or aft, of the missile's path through
the aircraft. The tank exploded 4,700 feet after the missile
impact, causing the already weakened forward cabin to break free
from the rest of the airplane, Sanders said.

The forward cabin - including the cockpit, all first-class seats
and the most forward-placed coach-class seats - plunged into the
ocean, Sanders said. By this point, most of the crew and forward
passengers had been ejected from the plane or went down with the
forward cabin, Sanders said. Meanwhile, the remaining part of the
aircraft - most of the fuselage, including the remaining
passenger sections, both wings, all four engines and the tail
section - stayed airborne a few seconds longer, Sanders said.

According to the FBI-NTSB logs, almost all of the center wing
tank ended up on the ocean floor, 12,000-feet east of the first
fall of debris. It defies the science of accident reconstruction,
Sanders said, that something located virtually at the end of
such a long debris trail could have caused a disaster like TWA
flight 800. "Things fall generally in the order in which they are
impacted," Sanders said. "The center wing tank, if it was the
initiating event (of the crash), would be among the first debris,
not the last".

The NTSB's metallurgy report, designed to determine the order in
which the plane fell apart, supports Sanders' conclusions. The
group studied the crash debris in December 1996 and January 1997,
starting after Sanders began his study and reaching consensus
after Sanders reached his. In its report, the NTSB said recovery
of the plane's remains, now about 95 percent, "gave a clear
indication" that pieces "from the forward portion of the wing
center section and the fuselage directly in front of the wing
front spar were the earliest pieces to separate from the
airplane," followed by the nose. The "wings, including major
portions of the wing center section, and the aft portion of the
fuselage, including empennage" (tail), were the last to fall.

Within hours after the TWA 800 crash, Shanti RTV reported that US
navy 'accidentally' shot down the jetliners. The latest update on
TWA merely confirms what Shanti RTV has been reporting since 18
July 1996. The navy is still relying on discredited FBI labs,
and the FBI and the NTSB officials to keep the lid on it for much
longer or forever. It is alleged that a number of individuals
within US intelligence agencies and individuals are somehow
linked with the cover-up. "They have been spoon-feeding media
groups for months against Shanti RTV news agency, Ian Goddard
and others who question official lies," according to the Western
intelligence source. "They have been intimidating Goddard,
Pierre Salinger and Parveez Syed and others". The intelligence
source specifically identified the several FBI, CIA, NTSB
officials including Ronald Lewis and his Inteligyst Group;
Alijandra Mogilner and ERRI.

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 09 March 1997.


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