cj#791> Cyberjournal is back on the air!


Richard Moore

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 Cc:     Duff Axsom <•••@••.•••>, Marsha Woodbury <•••@••.•••>,
         Andy Oram <•••@••.•••>, Susan Envoy <•••@••.•••>,
         Al Whaley <•••@••.•••>

 Bcc:    CADRE team

Ladies and gentlemen, I am PLEASED to announce that cyberjournal is now
BACK ON THE AIR!  (:>)  Thank you very much for your patience during our
interval of "technical difficulties beyond our control".  I have been
assured by the highest authorities that such will not recur.

While we've been out of touch there has been _amazingly_ rapid progress in
the CADRE/revolution thread.  I'll tell you more soon, but for now please
take a browse at "http://cyberjournal.org" and let me know what you think.

There is indeed a story behind our mysterious temporary absence...

...some kind of communication foul-up within our otherwise wonderful CPSR
organization led to the list being taken down WITHOUT NOTICE.  My concern
mounted daily as I fruitlessly and repeatedly sought assistance from the
usually-supportive folks at CPSR.

When a reply finally arrived -- many days after the list disappeared -- I
mis-interpreted the message as declaring we had been permanently ousted.
My mis-interpretation seemed only to be reinforced by a subsequent exchange
with CPSR director Duff Axsom -- the communication foul-up had now spread
to all concerned including myself.

        What awesome waves we mortals spread,
        when first we jump to join a thread.

Convinced that CPSR had destroyed our community in a high-handed way, I
broadcast strident missives of moral outrage throughout the far-reaches of
cyberspace.  I was declaring WAR on CPSR -- CYBERJOURNAL SHALL NOT GO DOWN

Poor Duff will probably be fielding protest letters for weeks.

At this point, he sent me a friendly personal note, recounting the steps of
misunderstanding, and expressing support for our work on cyberjournal.  He
agreed to get the list back up right away and to tighten up procedures to
prevent inadverdent shutdowns such as we experienced.

Each of us involved, including myself, humbly regrets the link we
contributed to the escalating chain of misunderstanding.  But, in all
honesty, I'm rather pleased with the outcome.

I hadn't the pleasure before of meeting our CPSR Director.  I now feel a
mutual understanding and sense of solidarity with CPSR that I, in all
fairness, should have endeavored to cultivate earlier.  I hope in future
there can a more collaborative relationship between the work we do on
cyberjournal and CPSR's programs more generally.

I invite, nay urge,  Duff, Marsha, and Susan to subscribe to cj and to
monitor what we're up to.  I'm sure they could toss an occasional comment
to the list which might better inform our understanding of how we fit into
CPSR's mission.

We move forward this day with a more solid foundation for our list, and I
welcome you all back to what is going to be one hell of an exciting year.

Stay tuned to this channel.

    In liberty,

    Richard K.Moore (US Citizen)
    Editor: •••@••.•••
    Chief: CADRE
    PO Box 26
    Wexford, IRELAND

BTW>  OF COURSE I will immediately broadcast an appropriate "peace
declared" message to those regions of cyberspace I stirred up with my