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Richard Moore

 Cc: César Roberto <•••@••.•••>

Dear cj,

Here is an example of what I meant by _amazing_ progress in our revolution
initiative.  CADRE's Manifesto was received by Senhor César Roberto of
Brazil in exactly the way it was intended.

The Manifesto is a call to unity, an appeal to the world's people to
recognize that elite corporate global hegemony FORCES a common basic agenda
on all of us who want a decent future for humanity.

César resonated with this.  He says:

        ...some subscribers, including myself, are keenly advising the other
        mates on the concomitant need to make INTERNATIONAL NON-DISCRIMIN-
        ATORY ALLIANCES all over the world, what constitutes the very
        pragmatic objective of the workshop  "Seeking an Effective Demo-
        cratic Response to Globalization and Corporate Power".

"Non-discriminatory alliances" is a very good characterization of what
CADRE intends by its call for a "Global Coalition for a Democratic

Jan - rebel jan - Slakov, cj subscriber and inimitable CADRE liason chief,
was quick to rise to this opportunity for collaboration.  She wrote to me:

        I suggested asking César Roberto to be in charge of delegate
        selection at least for Brazil, but probably all of S. America,
        maybe Central America too.

César, I hereby extend that invitation formally from CADRE to you.  Please
let us know if Jan's suggestion makes sense for you, and indicate what
territory you feel comfortable covering.

Let me say that I consider a delegate from Cuba and another from Nicaragua
(a veteran Sandinista) to be essential to achieve sound balance at the

Finally, with some regret, let me say that all delgates must, for this
small initial workshop, be fluent in English.  The enhanced intimacy
provided by a common language among delegates we consider essential for

Later CADRE-organized conferences will "bite the bullet" and find some way
to accomodate multi-lingual participants adequately.  CADRE intends to be
neither Anglo-centric nor Euro-centric in its  coalition endeavors.

    Yours in revolution,

    Richard K.Moore (US Citizen)
    Editor: •••@••.•••
    Chief: CADRE
    PO Box 26
    Wexford, IRELAND

BTW> Since this message contains accented characters, it might be converted
to gibberish by our listserv.   If that happens, I will immediately re-post
with those characters replaced by standard ascii.

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998
To: •••@••.•••
From: •••@••.••• (Jan Slakov)
Subject: César Roberto's message

From: •••@••.•••
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 21:31:35 -0300
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Demo.Renaiss. in Portuguese and Spanish
Cc: •••@••.••• (Jan Slakov), •••@••.•••

Rio de Janeiro, March 19, 1998.

Dear Richard, Jan and Chris:

Thank you for your prompt answer, although you are being "deluged".

Richard K. Moore wrote:
"You are the first to translate our message into a non-English language.
Please forward your translation so we can post it to website."

Let's recapitulate, in order to be clear.  In the PT (Workers' Party from
Brazil) newsboard I gave a general notice on the coming workshop.  I sent
the same notice to its very active discussion list together with the
translation of  the  Manifesto for a Democratic Renaissance  and  the entire
original message (in English)  received from Cyberjounal.  Both the newsboard
and the discussion list may be found in the official home page of PT,
called PTNet  < http://www.pt.org.br/indexi.htm >, which also bears a
version in English.

You will find below the translation of  the  Manifesto for a Democratic
Renaissance into both Portuguese and Spanish.  The translations of the
entire original message will take a longer while. I will send them attached
to other letters by the week beginning on Monday 30,  OK ?   I'm aware that
translators are deemed to be traitors, as they say in Italian:  "traduttori,
traditori",  but at least I  make my best efforts to not deserve this old
motto ...   :-)

The same material that I had sent to PTNet  was today sent to the news list
kept by the Gallicchio Hansen Family from Porto Alegre, Brazil
<•••@••.•••>.   They lead a group of progressive Catholic
activists very interested in globalization issues.  Although they only
accept texts written in Portuguese or Spanish, I have successfully overcome
their rule as to the original message received from Cyberjounal, accompanied
by a presentation notice and by the translation into Portuguese of the
Manifesto.  They have already sent it nationwide once more, since I received
it back from another list that I subscribe, called "Socialismo".   Ah !
And PTNet, by its own initiative, has just sent the referred material once
more today.

One issue that is being hotly debated in the listapt  (the above mentioned
PT's discussion list) is the making of alliances with other parties from the
left and the center in order to elect new Federal and States' governments
able to manage the globalization issues in a humanist way.  Although this
debate is mainly focused on Brazilian particularities, some subscribers,
including myself, are keenly advising the other mates on the concomitant
what constitutes the very pragmatic objective of the workshop  "Seeking an
Effective Democratic Response to Globalization and Corporate Power".

Enjoy a happy deluge !

in solidarity,

César Roberto

1848 / 1998:   Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch !

Manifiesto para un Renacimiento Democrático



                 "Seeking an Effective Democratic
                     Response to Globalization
                       and Corporate Power"

        - an international workshop for activist leaders -
*>-->  June 25 <incl> July 2 - 1998 - Nova Scotia - Canada   <---<*
  - modest fee including room and board will be announced soon -
      > Organized by: Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance <

                              Manifesto for a
                          Democratic Renaissance
                                - CADRE -
                           Ides of March, 1998

      (1) Corporate globalization is leading the world to disaster
      and something MUST be done about it. Corporate influence has
      corrupted our democracies, undermined our sovereignties,
      bankrupted our governments and is destroying the very earth
      our survival depends upon.

      (2) The very success of corporate globalism in subjugating
      everyone to its agenda has created the potential for a massive
      counter-movement, a peaceful democratic counter-revolution on
      a global scale.

      (3) Political activists must rise to the challenge of this
      strategic opportunity -- it is time to move beyond our special-
      interest causes and find a path to solidarity and the collab-
      orative pursuit of shared objectives. Foremost among our tasks
      is to build bridges cross the gulfs dividing factions such as
      liberals & conservatives, believers & non-believers, labor &
      environmentalists, etc.

                     We are all in this together!

      (4) Overcoming corporate globalism calls for more than protest
      or resistance -- it requires a different vision for the world,
      a coherent agenda which can provide sustainable prosperity and
      which avoids chaos during the historic transition.

      (5) That vision and agenda must be based on the establishment
      of healthy democratic processes in our individual nations and on
      the realization that sustainable economics and respect for the
      environment are not just good ideas, but are rather necessities
      for human survival.

                  Restore democratic sovereignty.
                  Create a sane and livable world.
             Bring corporate globalization under control.

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