* The case of CYBERJOURNAL vs. CPSR is now resolved *


Richard Moore

 To:   •••@••.•••
 Bcc:  *.cpsr,  *.list,  *.colleague

Dear netizens,

You recently were in receipt of a campaign message from me with a Subject
something like:
     "CPSR guilty of censorship, high-handed behavior, lies, and cover-up"

I am very pleased to announce that this matter has been settled to the
satisfaction of everyone concerned.

Cyberjournal is now back on the air, air which in-the-process has been much

CPSR was NOT guilty of censorship etc. after all.  CPSR is a fine
organization, deserving of everyone's support, as I had always previously

Instead, a sequence of unfortunate communication breakdowns occurred within
the organization, breakdowns which ultimately created a wrong impression.
This kind of scenario, I have been assured, is not likely to recur.

CPSR and the Cyberjournal community are now restored to the harmonious
collaboration that is appropriate to entities which share a common mission.

To those of you who sent concerned letters to CPSR, I thank you for your
support.  CPSR, under the circumstances, will surely take no offense if
some of you were embittered in your missives.  In fact any letters sent
were in support of the principles for which CPSR stands, and which they
have not strayed from after all.

Over and out,