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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

I do not necessarily agree with the views expressed below by Parveez.  I
have found him to be sincere and well-informed, and I believe
strongly-argued alternative views are essential to healthy public debate,
especially at a time when one-sided xenophobic hysteria is being
promulgated by the US media.

Some of you will undoubtedly complain that Parveez' sources are
confidential -- "Who are these people?!", you may demand.  Let me just say
three things about that:
    1) Intelligence sources, if they are genuine, _must be kept confidential,
       otherwise their careers and even lives might be endangered.

    2) Media reports -- our "default" reality -- are frequently based on
       statments by "unnamed sources"; Clinton claims "proof" without telling
       us what it is.

    3) While I've never known Parveez to knowingly deceive, I've seldom seen
       the US government and media do anything but deceive.

Judge for yourself...and remember this was written ten days ago, before the
"retaliatory" strikes.


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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998
Subject: US embassy bombings analysed
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Friday 14 August 1998 London-UK [Kenya989]

From: Parveez Syed
Global Media Monitoring Unit
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US embassy bombings analysed [Editorial feature]
by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV news agency

LONDON-UK (SC/SRTV) - The death toll from the bombings in Kenya
and Tanzania continue to rise. The overwhelming majority of
wounded and dead in both blasts were black Africans. The US has
offered a reward of up to US $2 million for information leading
to the arrest and conviction of those people responsible for
the bombings. Are there any clues for honest bounty hunters?

Police in Kenya say they are still questioning five people in
connection with the bombing in Kenya last Friday (07 August
1998). The questioning is in its initial stages and no charges
have yet been filed against any suspects.

According to Israeli intelligence sources: "Israel covertly
advised the US to disregard a warning about a possible attack on
the US embassy in Nairobi few weeks before the event". Why was
the warning disregarded or ignored? Who knew about the insecure
US embassy in Kenya? Why the embassy was not secured? What is
the motive behind creative Israeli warnings? How the warnings
are used or abused to stage-manage the event and the pretexts?

A senior Western intelligence source, speaking on condition of
anonymity to Shanti RTV news agency, said "the attack had to have
been organised by Israeli government because of the sophisticated
nature of the explosives and the precision of the timing of the
blasts. "They have advance knowledge, and advise US to disregard
their warnings and covert operations. Then they offer to
"investigate" the incident. They know the 'usual suspects', and
frame the cultivated scapegoats in Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Congo,
Angola, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, North Korea and Afghanistan
for daring to challenge the endless, undemocratic, parasitic and
imperialistic US-UK-Israeli hegemony and for meddling in the
internal affairs of most countries in the Middle East, Asia,
Africa and Latin America". Almost simultaneous bomb attacks
require major levels of organisation and coordination, huge
resources, and months of sophisticated planning. Only certain
Western and Israeli agencies have the experience or capabilities,
capacity and free access," the source told Shanti RTV.

The US-UK and Israeli governments engineer crisis whenever they
need pretexts to oppress, demonise, criminalise and hit their
chosen, changing geopolitical targets or the "usual suspects".
It is an evil alliance of pariah states that have fallen foul of
the international laws. Such evil designs and acts help influence
events to their financial and geopolitical advantage. The main
target for since 1990 has been Iraq, its 20 million civilians
and its oil. There is a need to continue the siege for 10, 30 or
40 years to exert total US control over Arab oil, and enhance US
grip over many countries in Africa, including Sudan where US
sponsored, funded, armed and trained terrorists are busy. The
allies kill civilians and use terror for purposes of realpolitik.

The mysterious bombing of the battleship Maine in Havana harbor
was, for example, the pretext for the US to declare war on Spain
in 1898 in order to grab Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

It seems the Kenyan police, just like the Saudi police, is
incompetent. So, within 48 hours after the two bombings more than
four hundred FBI and Mossad agents poured into Kenya and
Tanzania to "investigate" the incidents. Why are they running
the "investigation" in the two African capitals? Why did the US
government called on the Israeli to "investigate" the bombings?
Is this not a violation of the two countries' respective
sovereignty and interfering in their respective internal affairs?
Was it another 'Operation Mongoose'? Was it another 'Operation
Tailwind'? Was it another phony 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident? Who
killed US commerce secretary Ron Brown? Who killed Vince Foster?
Who gassed Americans in Waco, Texas? What was the real cause of
TWA-800 crash in the US navy exclusion zone on 17 July 1996?

Tanzania's home (internal) affairs minister Ali Ameir Mohammed,
who oversees police work, said: "we cannot say we have got
somebody who is really responsible. Nevertheless, we think we are
doing well". The culprits still remain unknown, and there is
still no irrefutable evidence to charge, try and convict them
beyond any reasonable doubt and subject to judicial appeals.
Meanwhile, US officials claim there are no video tapes of the
Tanzanian blast, adding that the embassy's surveillance cameras,
though functioning, were for monitoring and not for recording
images on tape. So, who removed tapes containing incriminating,
irrefutable evidence? "Their lies and cover-ups only add insult
to injury, insulting intellect and increase the pain already
inflicted on the victims' families," the source said.

The "investigators" claimed that a previously unknown group,
allegedly "'Islamic' Army for the Liberation of Holy Places",
has claimed responsibility for the blasts. So, what are the
motives? What are the endless financial benefits from the
engineered pretexts; divide and rule; impose and sustain client
regimes; secured, give-away oil and natural resources; US arms
sales; officially organised crimes or state-sponsored terrorism;
protection-racket, and the subversive games, ploys and tricks?
Who is defending freedom, peace, democracy and human rights for
a chosen few, while oppressing billions and killing millions all
over the world?

"US bases in Saudi Arabia were bombed by US and Israeli agents,
their mercenaries and assets to help sustain the army of
occupation in the country and the region. This helps sell US arms
and protection-racket to the client-regimes. This helps US get
almost free oil to subsidise its economy and wargames," source
said. "So, what's new? Irrefutable incriminating evidence was
removed and planted by a team of US and Israeli intelligence,
security and military agents in Kenya. This would help frame and
convict the usual suspects; engineer new pretexts; subvert and
obstruct justice, and move geopolitical goalposts. It is an
effective setup to control the chain of events from fabricated
Mossad-CIA warnings to executions in the US," the source added.

Now self-serving Oklahoma and TWA-800 "terrorism experts", often
tied to certain vested interests, are asked to give answers
which have been paid for. Carefully cultivated "experts" are
choreographed to lie; mislead; sell protection-racket or other
wares; subvert or obstruct justice. They want to be loved and
hired repeatedly. They are smart. They know the drill. They know
what is expected of them. So they usually don't go against the
tide, authority, establishment or the 'New World Order'. They
won't remove religious references from their comments on tragic
events. They drop their geopolitically disposable, stale but
recyclable and tailored payloads on their easy, captured,
sitting targets or scapegoats. Their predictable mantras are
structured to grab news headlines to help create crisis, raise
tension and hysteria. They say what their fellow commentators,
paymasters or potential clients want to hear. They sacrifice
journalistic integrity and impartial judgment at the altar of
well paid "terrorism consultancy" or compelling FUD (fear,
uncertainty and doubt) business.

US president Bill Clinton spoke on Thursday (13 August 1998) at a
memorial service in honor of 12 Americans killed in last week's
bombing in Kenya. "Clinton shed a few crocodile tears for the
victims of flawed US foreign policy. US secretary of state Mad
Albright, who has said 'it was worth' killing almost one million
Iraqi infants, also shed a few crocodile tears for the US
victims. They won't shed sincere tears for more than 1,000,000
infants killed since 1990 by US-UK imposed genocidal sanctions.
The infant-killers, global bullies, butchers, despots and tyrants
can put on a mighty good show for global television audience.
Clinton and Albright were playing to the camera without any
encouragement from Jerry Springer. Their insincere grief provided
compelling viewing. It was Hollywood-class performance," the
source said. "Clinton is set to perform again on Monday 17
August 1998 when he is to testify again about his relationship
with Monica Lewinsky. The details of his testimony might not
emerge publicly for several weeks. Who knows what could happen
in the meantime? He needs more timely diversions to help him
beat legal eagle Ken Starr," the source added.

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 14 August 1998.
[Parveez Syed is an investigative journalist. He has exposed many
political liars and subverters. His copyrighted, unique features
are often developed into probing factual tv documentaries. The
features are archived on more than 16,000 websites worldwide.
Moles and whistleblowers e-mail leaks/briefings to Parveez Syed].
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