cj#876> Until we meet again… some sunny day


Richard Moore

Dear cj,

It's about time to take apart the computer & pack it up for sunny
California, or rainy, as the case may be.  I'll be in the Bay Area until
Jan 5, and then Kauai until Feb 2. Email may be intermittent, or maybe not,
so if you're in either of those places then, let me know re/possible
real-world get-together (a beaming-down experience).

Thanks again to all those who've helped with the book... it has evolved
considerably during this recent collaborative regime. Proposal is going out
today to 30 publishers who handle that kind of material. There's an on-line
version of the proposal on our website, if you care to check it out.  It
has the Intro and Chapter 1 built in, and it's got a forwarding button in
case you have a publisher contact you'd like to recommend it to.
a publisher contact you'd like to recommend it to.

I'll pick something from the queue to post today so you won't get too
lonely during upcoming transit.  (;>)

Happy Holidays to all,