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             Is there a written transcript of this speech available
             anywhere? Those of us on dial-up may not be able to access

This sent me to do a bit of research, and I came up with some 
interesting results.

It turns out that the audio version of JFK's speech that I posted, 
which Brasscheck sent out and which also appears in Part 3 of 
Zeitgeist, has been severely edited down from a much longer speech. 
In the edited version one gets the impression that JFK's topic is 
some kind of secret society, and it sounds like he's talking about 
the international banking cabal (the fellows who actually own & run 
the Western world). There was no date with the audio, and under this 
interpretation, many of us were thinking, "Wow, that must be why they 
did him in."

In fact, the speech was given in 1961, at the beginning of JFK's 
term, and in the full version he's talking about something quite 
different. He's talking to the American Newspaper Publishers 
Association, and he's mainly giving out Cold War propaganda against 
the 'international communist conspiracy' -- although he never 
mentions the word 'communist'.

The full text of the 1961 speech:
"The President and the Press"
April 27, 1961, American Newspaper Publishers Association


But of course they did do him in, two and a half years later, and he 
gave them a lot more than one reason to do so by that time. If we try 
to pick out a 'most fatal' speech, it would probably be this one, 
given just 5 months before the hit. Full text:

Commencement Address
President John F. Kennedy
John M. Reeves Athletic Field, American University, Washington DC
June 10, 1963

Imagine getting this kick in the butt by the young President, when 
you have a Vietnam War all planned and an economy based on weapons 

       "In short, both the United States and its allies, and the
         Soviet Union and its allies, have a mutually deep interest
         in a just and genuine peace and in halting the arms race.
         Agreements to this end are in the interests of the Soviet
         Union as well as ours -- and even the most hostile nations
         can be relied upon to accept and keep those treaty
         obligations, and only those treaty obligations, which are in
         their own interest."
              ..."We have also been talking in Geneva about other first-step
         measures of arms control, designed to limit the intensity of
         the arms race and to reduce the risks of accidental war. Our
         primary long-range interest in Geneva, however, is general
         and complete disarmament -- designed to take place by
         stages, permitting parallel political developments to build
         the new institutions of peace which would take the place of


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From: Diana Skipworth <>
Subject: Re: JFK's fatal speech...

Dear Richard,

This speech has many copies on as well.

The autopsy photographs which, when studied w/computer graphics, 
reveal the top right part of JFK's head is not made of the same 
material as the rest of it. The clear single bullet wound in the 
picture also does not match the rest of his head, and is not part of 
the original.  These studies are scientific and can be duplicated 
with similar findings.  This program, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, 
featured an entire hour on "The Autopsy."

The logic follows, that if the official US Autopsy can be fudged on a 
US President, murdered in broad daylight in front of millions of 
viewers, what can these maniacs (who own the US Government) do to you!

Diana Skipworth


Hi Diana,

Yes, the clipped audio version seems to be everywhere. It's so hard 
to judge sources on the net. The advantage of the net over the 
mainstream media is that on the net there is truth to be found if you 
look for it.

Many who have studied the JFK assassination have come the conclusion 
that the cover-up was intentionally sloppy -- that they want us to 
know what really happened -- and the real message to all of us is, 
"Don't even think about messing with the men behind the curtain -- we 
can get to anyone any time we want".


From: "Peter Hollings" <>
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Subject: FW: JFK's fatal speech...
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This video is very important to understanding the nature of the 
ruling powers for whose benefit and without whose consent I believe 
the 911 attacks were conducted.

Some important background in addition is the fact that:

"On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive 
Order 11110 <>, 
was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve 
Bank <> of its power to loan money to the 
United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a 
pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal 
Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.   .  .  .  When President 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy - the author of Profiles in Courage -signed 
this Order, it returned to the federal government, specifically the 
Treasury Department, the Constitutional power to create and issue 
currency -money - without going through the privately owned Federal 
Reserve Bank."  Source: 

Peter Hollings


Hi Peter,

(If you forwarded the original posting, please follow up with this 
correction posting.)

It is interesting about the video that even though it's a fake, one 
can honestly say that it 'should be true'. I think it was Mark Twain 
who told an interesting story to someone, and the fellow said, "Is 
that a true story?". Twain replied, "If it isn't it should be".

I agree with you on the central importance of the June 4 move against 
the Federal Reserve, the folks who own all of us. On the 4th he took 
away their money machine, and six days later on the 10th he followed 
up with an announcement  (American University Speech) that he was 
going to end warfare, the very thing that had given them their wealth 
in the first place. This does really put JFK in the role of 'mythic 
hero', the 'knight against the invincible dragon'. I suppose that it 
must have been in June that the planning began in earnest for Dallas.



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