Developing a prosperous community economy


Richard Moore

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In my previous posting, a full week ago, I told you about the work I’d been doing with economics, and I pointed you to a document. At the time, I thought that document was useful. I realized upon further reflection that it was a preliminary sketch, only the beginning of an investigation, not something even comprehensible on its own.

Since then the model has been much refined, in its substance, and in the process I’ve learned more about economics that I want to know. For one thing, I’ve learned how all-pervasive it is, and how it controls nearly everything we do. It is the imperative around which revolve the desirables and undesirables. Gaining control over economics is gaining the power to determine out destines. 

The document, below, is in the form of a project proposal, intended for people who might be motivated to pursue the project in their own community. The whole process is spelled out in detail, through every stage of development, each with its own specific focus of attention. Each stage becomes doable by what went before. It begins as a currency project, and economics become a catalyst that transforms the community and brings it together. 

Your thoughts would be most welcome.

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New World Round Table, working documents:
Developing a prosperous community economy