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Richard Moore

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Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny warns about the perils of vaccination

re/ ‘perils of vaccines’

Les Lizama wrote:
  This is fear mongering, and makes your intelligent discourse seem hyperbolic and irrelevant at BEST.
There ARE no “perils of vaccines,” and you do more harm than good with titles like that. The biggest peril is having MY kids associate with YOUR kids if they are unvaccinated.
   Please, get a frickin’ life, and get back to real issues.

Hi Les,

You evidently think that vaccines are important, whether taken or untaken. When you say it’s not a ‘real issue’, you apparently mean it’s a settled issue, not an open issue, and hence not worth discussing, even though important. There are many who disagree with your views, regardless of what I say or don’t say. If they are wrong, or if you are wrong, either way, I’d say further discussion is useful. 


Milton Block wrote:
Great comments Richard! Thank you!

Molly Morgan wrote:
Hi, Richard –
  I agree with you about the vaccination thing, not because I’ve studied this issue, but because your arguments make complete sense to me. I had the usual ones as a child in the ’50s, but I’ve never had a flu shot. My mom thinks I’m crazy. I think she is. But I don’t argue with her.


Peter Koening wrote:
Dear Richard,
I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying in all your arguments — nature as the auto-defense system; the Rockefeller (/ Kissinger!) syndrome, as I call it, because as you say, there is plenty of evidence that the Trilaterals and Bilderbergers want to reduce world population with all means possible, one of which is vaccination (another one with Monsantos GMOs) — for the obvious objective, so that the limited unrenewable resources will last longer for a small elite.
And the autism argument — there are lots of studies that provide evidence, just go to Gary Null’s website. Gary – an exdellent MD and naturalist (in addition to political socioeconomist) has been fighting the anti-vaccine battle for many years and won quite a few fights.
Good for you Richard to send this letter around. You have my full support.


M.A. Omas Schaefer wrote:
Hi Richard,
    Wow, do you ever have some close-minded subscribers!
What about the clear proof, of cancer viruses being placed into the polio vaccines in the 1950’s? Remember the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey.”
How about a little mercury in your little vaccine cocktail. Since when was mercury not a deadly neurotoxin? Check up on Dr. Russell Blaylock. If anyone is an authority on brain damage due to vaccines, he’s the one. After all, he was a top neurosurgeon and now his clinic is dedicated to providing people with natural products that promote healthy brain function.
Let us not forget the Amish, who DO NOT vaccinate, period! Just try to find even one case of autism in their entire  population.
Also, don’t forget the excellent book by Eustace Mullins entitled “Murder by Injection.”
Close-minded defenders of the status quo are more than content to file into to the scientific dictatorship’s slaughterhouse pen. And as they walk in a trance single file, they shout insults at the people who are warning them before they go through the gates.


Ray Songtree wrote:
You are very patient with people. Hope you are well.
I’m making inroads on awareness about smart grid here on Kauai.

me patient? you’ve got to be kidding.


Vera Gottlieb wrote:
I am very glad you hit the wrong button! Too many people swallow all the propaganda that is out there and don’t even think about the possible consequences. Pumping a new-born with so many chemicals…it just can’t end up right. Give the tender system the chance to develop – wait at least until one year of age.

Peggy Gillett wrote:
Whatever one “thinks” about vaccines, they, along with antibiotics and cleaner water, are largely responsible for overpopulation around the world!

Hi Peggy,

An interesting viewpoint, ‘efficacy considered harmful’. I suppose then you might want to spread around the ‘vaccines are harmful’ arguments, even though you disagree with them, so that more people might refuse vaccines, and hopefully subtract themselves from the population when they get sick. Ruthless, but logical – if you believe the world is overpopulated.

I invite you to consider this question, where, exactly, in the world, would you say it is overpopulated? Which nations, for example, don’t have the ability to feed their populations, if the resources of those nations were in fact used for that purpose?