Global warming etc — cure always worse than disease


Richard Moore


Thanks everyone for your participation in the Great Global Warming 
Debate. For me, the science part simply got more confusing. I hadn't 
heard before that the other planets are experiencing warming as well, 
which shows there's a lot more going on than simply co2 build up.

I think the most important information that came out was in regards 
to the politics. The saying, "Beware of Greeks bringing gifts" comes 
to mind. We need to keep in mind that the folks running the Western 
world care about only one thing, their own pocketbooks, their power, 
and continued 'economic growth'. The scenario with carbon credits is 
typical. By trading carbon credits, the West justifies its own 
continuation of co2 pollution. And yet, the effect in the third world 
is to cut down natural forests, which are very efficient at co2 
reduction, and replacing them with tree plantations, which are less 
efficient. In other words, carbon credits are a total scam, 
increasing co2 in both the West and the third world.

At a more general level, all the attention on global warming is 
itself a scam. Not that global warming isn't a problem, but it's not 
our biggest problem, and there is very little we can do about it, 
compared to our more serious problems. Bigger problems include: 
turning our topsoil into deserts, destroying our fish supplies, 
wasting our water with modern agribusiness methods, genocide in 
Africa through the collaboration of the IMF and the CIA, the rise of 
fascism and the elimination of the American Constitution, and the 
list goes on. Global-warming hysteria, and the pretense of 
governmental concern, serves to distract us from the bigger problems, 
and gives us false hope that governments are 'responding' to public 

We get the same kind of scam with world hunger. Geldof and Bono, 
probably naively, led the big parade for 'ending world hunger', and 
we got a 'debt relief' program. What that meant is that taxpayer 
money went, not to Africa, but to the IMF and Western banks, to 
reimburse them for uncollectible loans. Governments then reduced 
their aid budgets by the amount they paid to the banks. The net 
result: an increase in world hunger.

And then there's 'carbon taxes'. Fuel is already heavily taxed, and 
this simply increases those taxes. It might cause people to cut down 
on some non-necessary travel, but the trucks still need to roll, and 
people still need to get to work and school. It's not a solution, 
it's simply a way to get more of our money. The only way to really 
cut down on transport-caused co2 emissions would be a massive 
investment in efficient and convenient public transport, primary 
rail. Does anyone see that happening?

The 'solution' to WMDs -- the unleashing of WMDs on civilians; the 
most harmful WMD in the world is the US military. The story's the 
same wherever you look. Every 'problem' has a 'solution' that serves 
elite interests only.

Only when people stop finding hope in politicians and governments can 
we begin to thing about how to really solve our problems, the biggest 
one being government itself.



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