Global warming & the NWO Project


Richard Moore

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Peter Koenig wrote:

I am probably one of the few whom you don’t have to convince that man-made global warming is but a horrendous neoliberal money-making racket.

There is money being made from carbon credits and such, but AGW is not about making money, nor is it about neoliberalism.

Neoliberalism is the application of laissez-faire doctrine to the global economy. The purpose of the Neoliberal Project has been to undermine national sovereignty, destabilize national economies, and establish supranational institutions, e.g. the WTO, that are destined to become part of the infrastructure of a global technocratic state. 

‘Free trade’ treaties created opportunities for corporate profit-making, but the project was never about making money. Rather, the profit-making opportunities were created so that market forces would naturally carry out the agenda of the Neoliberal Project. This is a good example of how the reins of power work. When you can define the rules of the game, the players then do your work for you. Those who define the rules are not at all concerned about ‘making money’, as they are the ones who create money in the first place. Their only concern is the consolidation of their power, the tightening of the reins.

The masters make the rules,
for the wise men and the fools
– Bob Dylan

“Money? what’s there to worry about?”

The Neoliberal Project began in 1980, and by 2008 it had accomplished its purpose. Market forces had dutifully done their work of national destabilization, and it was time to move on to the next phase of the NWO project. Neoliberalism had addicted nations to the global economy, and the orchestrated collapse of 2008 brought the global economy to its knees. The doctrine of ‘too big to fail’ was then decreed from on high, and this represented a fundamental change in the rules of the game. 

It truly amazes me that almost no one has recognized that market forces have been abandoned as the primary driver of economic activity. ‘Too big to fail’ marks a transition from a market-driven economy to a centrally-managed economy. As doctrine, ‘too big to fail’ declares that economic viability is no longer a requirement for institutional survival. As policy, the doctrine led to the bailouts, which rendered nations nonviable economically, and put the management of national budgets into the hands of agents of the central bankers, tightening considerably the reins of power. 

As the debts can never be repaid, nations are now operating with whatever ad hoc funding the central bankers decide to provide – and those funds can only be spent on the programs specified by the banker’s agents. This is a system of centralized economic management, but it’s only an interim system. It functions as a life-support system for a dying economic paradigm, while a new economic paradigm is being rapidly established.

This is where the global-warming scam comes into the picture. It is not about making money; it is about creating a cultural basis for the new economic paradigm. The scam has led to the emergence of the AGW cult, and the cult has been guided into seeing runaway warming as the new Hellfire & Brimstone, oil companies as the new Satan, ‘the science is settled’ as the new Holy Scripture, and the IPCC as the new Vatican Council . Those who challenge the cult’s beliefs are seen as Agents of Satan, and those who listen to the Agents are seen as Lost Souls who have been Seduced by Satan and are in denial of Science-Revealed Truth.

Instead of market forces and wealth accumulation, the new economic paradigm is to be about the centralized management and distribution of resources. In order to maintain social stability, under the NWO regime, there needs to be a new social paradigm to go with the new economic paradigm. This is to be accomplished by adopting the AGW cult as the Official State Religion. This is the same strategy that Constantine used, with the emerging Christian cult, in order to tighten his reins of power. 

A religion based the fear of runaway warming, and the doctrine of carbon causation, is exactly what is needed in order for the masses to welcome an economic system based on centralized resource management. Already many ‘progressives’ are talking about global government as a solution to the unresponsiveness of national governments to the Climate Emergency. Global government is being seen as desirable for other reasons as well, and we’ll return to this  in later postings in this series. 

Like Christianity, the AGW Religion is based on the belief that we are sinners (carbon users) and that salvation is to be achieved through repentance and self-sacrifice. If resource management means austerity, all the better for our souls, and for the planet. Not that there isn’t wisdom in environmental consciousness, there certainly is, but not when such sentiments are being used to seduce us into accepting a totalitarian, technocratic, global state – under the tight reins of repeat-offendor psychopaths. 

‘Saving the planet’ is the carrot, and social collapse is the stick. When we can’t put food on the table and food riots emerge, we’ll be ready for whatever solution is on offer. When some phony, Obama-like neo-Messiah steps forward and offers us a Green Global Government, the AGW faithful will weep tears of joy. While the central bankers are popping champagne corks, the masses will be gratefully walking down the garden path to neo-feudal enslavement.

The scenario I’ve been describing applies to the West, and different Western nations are at different stages of the destabilization process. The biggest, Germany & the USA, will hold out the longest, but in the end they’ll fall the hardest. 



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