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As the debts can never be repaid, nations are now operating with whatever ad hoc funding the central bankers decide to provide – and those funds can only be spent on the programs specified by the banker’s agents. This is a system of centralized economic management, but it’s only an interim system. It functions as a life-support system for a dying economic paradigm, while a new economic paradigm is being rapidly established.

David Rockefeller, Memoirs, Random House, New York, 2002, page 405:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

My purpose in writing this ‘NWO Project’ series is not to spell out every detail for you, but to help you open your eyes so you can see for yourself what is right in front of you. The project began in the late 1800’s, under the initial leadership of Cecil Rhodes, and we’ll be talking in the next posting about those early days of what Jm Macgregor calls ‘The Secret Elite’. By the time David Rockefeller wrote about his own role, the project had been underway for well over a century, and had been the reason for two world wars.
We are now in the midst of the dramatic final stage of the project, where the old order is being brought down by a controlled demolition, and the new order is being rapidly brought online. 9/11 marked the launch of this final stage, providing a pretext for the demolition of both international law and domestic civil liberties. 
9/11 was also a carefully contrived symbolic act. The World Trade Center, iconic symbol of the global financial system, was brought down by a controlled demolition on a date that symbolized ’emergency call’. This amounted to a sardonic warning of what was to follow in 2008 – the controlled demolition of the global financial system itself, with its ground zero also in Manhattan. 
Why provide a sardonic warning? We might be similarly curious about why David Rockefeller talks openly about his treasonous conspiratorial activities, or why Carroll Quigley was commissioned to write about the plans of the Secret Elite, in Tragedy and Hope
The answer can be found in ‘the arrogance of power’, particularly when that power is being is exercised by psychopaths. I’m sure they get many a sardonic chuckle over how they can brag about their crimes in public and get by with it. Stories they can tell their grandchildren, as part of the grooming for future generations of psychopathic rulers. Just as warrior tribes need to groom their sons to the thrill of killing. 
If you can get your head around the idea that we are in the midst of an intense endgame, with the energies of the Secret Elite and their minions focused on completing the NWO Project, then it becomes much easier to analyze and understand the meaning of current events. 
In the previous posting we focused on the economic dimensions of the project: the use of neoliberalism to undermine national sovereignty and economic viability, and the use of ‘too big to fail’ to put nations into debt servitude and to tighten the reins of centralized power. I argued that the manufactured climate crisis has an important purpose in the project: to provide (along with the environmental movement generally) a cultural foundation for a regime of managed economics – to put a positive spin on neo-feudalism.
It is true of course that we do need to reinvent economics and reinvent how we manage our resources. That fact is a no-brainer for us, and a no-brainer for ‘them’ as well. But that doesn’t mean we need to submit to tyranny by psychopaths. A much better way to achieve sustainability would be to decentralize power and economic activity, not to centralize it under a global bureaucracy. However the main problem facing has nothing to do with economics or sustainability: our main problem is the power wielded by the Secret Elite. 
Rockefeller defines the meaning of his new world order this way: “a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will”. It behooves us to pay detailed attention to his bragging words. The globally-integrated economic structure we’ve already talked about, in broad outline. A ‘globally integrated political structure’ tells us that nowhere is to be left out; there will be only one sovereign regime left standing when the shooting is over. 
And in thinking about what kind of ‘shooting’ we’re talking about, we must keep in mind that the Secret Elite psychopaths arranged both world wars, and made the decision to unnecessarily nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so they could examine the effects of nuking populated areas. Their modus operandi is to do whatever is necessary to get what they want, and they don’t care at all what the cost is in human suffering. That is, in fact, the definition of ‘psychopath’.
Above, we talked about the controlled demolition of international law and the global financial system. These in turn are part of a controlled demolition of national sovereignty. Where the central banks have the power to do so, they’ve been using ‘too big to fail’ as the means of seizing hands-on control over national affairs, e.g. a White House Cabinet selected from Wall Street insiders, Troikas running things in the EU, and the Rothschild’s City of London making the decisions in the UK.
Where the central banks don’t have that kind of direct power, a program of regime-change, infrastructure destruction, and social destabilization is being pursued, as we’ve seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. This program is relentless, and will not stop until everyone everywhere, the survivors that is, are under the thumb of the Secret Elite.
Russia and China are well aware of what’s going on and where it’s heading. They know their time will come, their time for regime change, via nuclear attack. The longer they wait, to draw a line in the sand and say ‘no further’, the more isolated they will be, and the more cut off they will be from access to petroleum and other critical resources. Russia has made it clear that Iran is where the line in the sand is being drawn. 
This is where the significance of Syria comes into the picture. Iran has a mutual-defense pact with Syria, and Russia has a naval base in Syria. Iran and Syria have announced that if Syria is attacked by the US & allies, both Syria and Iran will retaliate by all means at their disposal, not only against the attacking powers, but against Israel as well. And if Israel is attacked, we can be sure they will employ their nukes in retaliation, and they will target Russian forces as well as Iranian and Syrian. In other words, if the US directly attacks Syria, all nuclear hell will break loose, and it will not be confined to the Middle East. 
Presumably the Secret Elite would prefer to fell one domino at a time, so Russia and China could be dealt with in isolation. But seeing that Russia has drawn a line, and that regime change isn’t succeeding by proxy in Syria, the decision has evidently been made that now is the time for nuclear confrontation. 
The false-flag sarin attacks provide a pretext for ‘humanitarian intervention’, and the US is openly preparing for initial missile attacks on Syria. When Syria and Iran respond to this ‘humanitarian gesture’, they will be blamed by Washington and the media for ‘starting the war’. 
With the help of Serendipity, bless her, I received just this morning a number of very relevant articles and videos, regarding the status of the NWO Project generally, and the Syrian situation in particular. Those are listed below. Also, there’s a link to Jim Macgregor’s book, for those of you who want to really understand the origins and nature of the Secret Elite. 
Let’s make a point of staying in touch, as long as the lines remain open.
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