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Events are unfolding fast, and so is new information about what it all means. 

This article appeared in The Telegraph, a major UK newspaper…

In the article, Bandar of Arabia is obviously speaking with the full complicity of the US Administration and its owners. He is giving Putin ‘an offer he can’t refuse’ – sacrifice Syria and your naval base in Syria will be protected, and you will be given a partnership in a global energy cartel – OR ELSE! Or else, not only will we take out Syria, but we’ll make sure your Olympics are hit by terrorists, and who know what will follow next. Putin responded with what what amounts to ‘Fuck off’.
What’s been going on in Syria is the latest in a series of regime-change projects, each of which has taken down a regime that had good relations with Russia. Russia (and China) are being systematically isolated and cut off from reliable sources of supply. The article above makes it clear that both sides see Syria as a pivot point in the confrontation. Russia can either become a partner in the NWO project, or the confrontation will escalate to a new level. And Russia said no to the offer. 
The US is making a big deal out of how limited its strike will be, and how careful it is allegedly being about poof of Assad’s guilt, as we see in this New York Times article. They are trying to create a psychological PR environment where any escalation following the strike will be seen as unwarranted, so the other side can be called the aggressor…
What do you think will happen when cruise missiles start hitting military targets in Syria? The fact that the strikes will be limited guarantees that Syria will have an opportunity to launch a response. Syria has promised to respond with strikes on Israel, as we see in this article…
What do you think will happen when Syria hits back at Israel? Given the open threats by Syria, will Israel even wait to be attacked before taking action of its own? Is not ‘preemptive defense’ the watchword of the IDF? Add to this the fact that Iran has a mutual-defense agreement with Syria. Will Iran attack Israel? Will Israel fear that it might, and preemptively strike Iran first? Would tiny Israel feel that only nukes could adequately handle a confrontation with Iran? When in this sequence will Russia get pulled in?
It’s been 99 years, to the month, since the roaring of the Guns of August. In that scenario Britain had secretly arranged alliances with France and Russia, while meanwhile provoking Germany, so as to create a war Britain could win, and eliminate Germany as a geopolitical and economic competitor. 
The scenario this August is parallel to that one. Indeed, behind Britain’s actions in 1914 lay the guiding hand of the Rothschilds-linked Secret Elite: not even the Prime Minister or the Cabinet knew of the alliances;  they had been made secretly by the head of the Foreign Office, who was part of the conspiracy. It is that same Secret Elite (heirs that is) who define White House policy today. Russia and China are the last of the significant geopolitical and economic competitors.


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