Jan 23-25, SF Bay area: Dynamic Facilitation training


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For those of you in the bay area, here is a golden opportunity to learn Dynamic Facilitation. I hope the attached flyer comes through on the email list, as it explains about DF. If it doesn’t come through, and you’re interested, I can send you the flyer directly.


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You are receiving this email as a “graduate” of a Dynamic Facilitation Seminar, though it may have been years ago. Jim and I are hoping that over the past years that you have had  opportunities to DF. If you have DF experiences to share or would like some support, please email or give us a call. We enjoy hearing from you!

The Wisdom Council Process is growing fast in Europe. In Austria there were over 60 Wisdom Councils last year and the state government of Vorarlberg is considering putting it into their constitution. Last week we watched live a WC presentation to their legislators (a moment when we wish we understood German!). In fact most of our seminars are now held in Europe (in English!) where the Wisdom Council offers the prospect of a new form of governance and higher levels of collaboration within communities and organizations. You can learn more and see videos at www.WiseDemocracy.org

Due to the growing outreach of Wisdom Councils, the DF Seminar has expanded to include the Wisdom Council Process. Our next Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Seminar in the U.S. will be in the San Francisco Bay Area on January 23-25, 2013 in Alameda. I have attached a flyer in hopes that you will pass it on to others who might be interested. We would greatly appreciation any networking that you can offer! If you would like to attend the seminar again, we can offer you a special discount (email me!). Here is the link for registration and more information: Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Seminar. Please let us know If you would like to sponsor a DF/WC Seminar in your area.

In addition to the seminar, there are two upcoming events on the Wisdom Council in the Bay Area, both free and open to the public. On the evening of Thursday January 3rd, Jim will give a brief presentation as an introduction to the Wisdom Council, and also a way for others to meet Jim. On Saturday January 26th, there will be a day workshop focusing on the Wisdom Council. Come hear why and how it is working in the world. This session, presented with videos and stories, is primarily for people who would like to initiate a Wisdom Council in their community or organization. Check our Calendar of Seminars and Events for updated details for times and venues for these two events.

If you would like to meet with us while we are in the Bay Area in January, let us know 🙂

Warm wishes and Happy Holidays,
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