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I’ve decided to return to Ireland. I feel too isolated over here where everyone speaks French or Swiss German and I can’t understand a word they’re saying. Occasionally people will speak English for my benefit, but it’s so rare that it doesn’t help much. Also, I feel powerless to do any useful organizing or facilitating with this language barrier. In addition, winter is setting in and we’ll have snow worse than this until next April. A bit too extreme for a California boy like me:


Jim Fadiman wrote:

Thanks. Me too – not fast uphill.

Age does make a difference. What we can put up with at 21 doesn’t seem so good at 70.


Vera Gottlieb wrote:
Peter Koenig wrote:
My answer to all of the above:
The only thing we can change is our conscience.
the change of our conscience will also change our environment.
That is precisely what is wrong with humanity these days…lack of conscience, anything goes and who cares who gets hurt as long as I get mine. We are so immersed in selfishness, we so idolize the notion of ‘me first’, we walk over bodies to get what we want. The one thing we need to strive for is a social conscience. The Earth’s common goods belong to all – not just to those who have the money and the weapons. vg

In my whole life I’ve known maybe two people who seemed to lack a conscience and walked over others. I agree that the 1% at the top seem to be psychopaths, but I haven’t seen that in the 99%. Perhaps your experience has been different. And actually, I suspect that Peter meant to say ‘consciousness’ rather than ‘conscience’. 


Steve Campbell wrote:
Dear Richard,
Have you started to read this yet?  I am on page 124 at the moment and I started in earnest shortly after sending this to my entire email list on November 26.  This is vital and true history that most are totally unaware of.  I am hoping you have the courage to post it to your list.
Steve Campbell
The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals Victor Marschalko

No Steve, I looked at the first paragraph and then stopped reading. I make a distinction between Zionism and ethnic Judaism, just as I make a distinction between US imperialism and the American people. 

Vera Bradova wrote:
Vera Gottlieb:
I have heard that the euro need not be eliminated, it could still be used by those who want to use it (convenient when crossing borders). Some of the countries never got rid of their own currencies and do use the euro. If Greece and all the others who abandoned their own currencies would reinstate them, wouldn’t the needed flexibility return? What do people think of that?
I hope EU goes the way of the dodo. 🙂

Me too. I was in France when the Maastricht Treaty was being pushed via propaganda, and I could tell it was bankster/neoliberal takeover from the very beginning. No one believed me at the time. They said, in France, that as an American I simply didn’t want there to be a strong Europe. And then when I moved to Ireland, everyone was so thrilled to have new highways that Germany was paying for that they didn’t want to hear anything against the EU. They didn’t realize that everything they were getting was going to be only temporarily theirs. Now all Irish assets are being sold off and the lion’s share of the money is going to German banks.

Howard Switzer wrote:
It is a bottom up project because the elite control the top, I see a permaculture version of the Green New Deal being implemented from the soil up. Of course that is the threat that the elite will try to co-opt, stop or displace to serve their interests but it will be so required for survival that at some point their own children will need to join in. As you and many others demonstrate the human spirit will resist total domination and innovate until it is free.

If you are saying that my work gives you some hope, then you have made my day! And a dreary day it is over here. I of course agree that if there is going to be any change, it will have to come from the grassroots. However I’ve seen no signs so far of anything significant coming from the grassroots. I see lots of good sentiment, and I see nearly all of it being channeled into pointless endeavors. I do see people with promising ideas, but their efforts so far aren’t gaining much traction. The effectiveness of modern propaganda and mind control are awesome. Which leads directly to our next contribution…

Robert Zukowski wrote:
Hi Richard,
Danes are happy. Denmark provides impressive social benefits. People
are happy and enjoy very high standard of living.
Modern state provides such benefits and social stability in order to
control people. Huxley prophesized that in the near future scientific methods employed
in society control would produce happy slaves. Henry Makow presents different opinion on Denmark:

Thanks, those are very interesting articles. 

Rose wrote:
Hi Richard,
Maybe what Peter Koenig meant when he wrote: 
The only thing we can change is our conscience.
the change of our conscience will also change our environment.
is something like this (below)? I don’t know. But maybe something like it.  When we start to understand ourselves and become more balanced, it positively-energetically affects all of our relations, of course! I just found this information on the medicine wheel myself, and I find it is very helpful. The teachings of the medicine wheel don’t stop there… they go on and on, supposedly. They say the entire universe is contained inside the medicine wheel, as it is a mirror.  I’ve read that you can apply medicine wheel teachings to groups.  It might be something to really look into.
From the Sacred Tree (book):
“…the ancient symbol of themedicine wheelas a mirror which reflects not only what a person is, but also what they might become through the development of their potentialities.”
An introduction to the Medicine Wheel… (it’s quite short)
The Medicine Wheel – 1 of 3
The Medicine Wheel – 2 of 3
The Medicine Wheel – 3 of 3
You might want to check out this book, it’s quite conceptual and practical.

I hope you enjoy!