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Thanks for all the feedback, and expressions of support, from the previous posting. I’ll share some of that next week in one of our famous dialog postings 🙂  Right now I just wanted to share a thought with you before heading off for the weekend. My friend Joe and I are going on a shakedown cruise in his motorhome, to an arts festival in Kilkenny. Already, just in the process of packing for the weekend, I’ve got a list of things to remember, in preparing for the France+Ireland tour. 

Following that night of riots in the UK, a friend sent this short message:
riots in England = more cops = closer to police state,  
I think I can see it more easily with all your help. 

Which leads into the ‘thought’ I’d like to share. That is, to keep in mind that we are in EndGame, and that the ShockDoctrine is in effect. That is to say, the Gloves Are Off. That which you believed Never Could Happen, is now On The Table, for the EndGame.

The Twin Towers and 9/11 can be taken as the icon of the EndGame. Who, among us commoners, could even have imagined such a thing? And then the whole global financial system coming down all at once? And yet, these things were very easily done, right out on Highway 61. 

The point here is this. If anything outrageous and unprecedented happens in the world these days, there is a 5% chance it ‘just happened’, and a 95% chance it’s a move in the EndGame. Whether it be the collapse of the EU, war, disease, insurrection, flood, famine, or any of the many Horses of the Apocalypse.

Keep that in mind and it will save me a lot of commenting on current events.

life is but a dream,