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Greetings to all,

I’m in Macon at an Internet cafe/bar. The regulars greet one another here with embrace (ie, kisses on each cheek). A bit different than Wexford. My friend Joe and I are visiting our mutual artist friend Chantal. Her little flat is small, but every inch of the wall, and every drawer in the furniture, is filled with WONDERFUL art. 

On the way here spent a day at Chartres, climbing the tower, going on all the available tours, and loving it. After that, in Orleans, enjoyed the stained glass story of Jeanne d’Arc in that cathedral. 

Don’t have much time to email so I’ll make it brief. First I’d like to alert you to some events by my friends Jim and Dorothy Fadiman, and then let you know about my latest article published in New Dawn magazine. Later I’ll post the article, but out of respect for the magazine I’ll wait on that. 

all the best,

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