Kosovo: P to Q4, RxB


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 20:36:13 +0100
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Subject: a debate: globalization, capitalism, marxism, and world government

In the _military domain, the elite have telegraphed their intentions -- the
architecture of the regularized global regime has been articulated and is
being sytematically implemented.

At the top is to be an elite hi-tech mobile `police' force, built out of US
and NATO forces.  Desert Storm was a field-test of how it intends to
operate: hi-tech control-of-theater enables the victim nation to be
systematically clobbered with essentially no casualties among elite forces,
and meanwhile the global media carries a news-free propaganda circus in
support of the `good and noble' intervention.

The seemingly unexplainable reluctance of US and NATO to intervene in the
long Bosnian conflict can be easily understood.  The bloody scenario was
intentionally encourged by the US and others to build up public pressure
for US-NATO intervention, to achieve `legitimacy' for the elite
strike-force concept.  This strategem worked perfectly, and the `balance of
Western opinion', I suggest, has now come to see US-NATO intervention as
something `we need more of' to clean up `trouble spots'.  (Who says you
can't fool all the people all the time?)