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Richard Moore

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Stephanie McDowall wrote:
If you are interested in truly understanding the Israeli – Palestinian conflict….how it started (1947)…and what is going on now re the Palestinian people you need to watch this. Dispels all kinds of lies we have been led to believe. It helps also in understanding just why all our politicians support Zionism.. This enlightened man is a good speaker, served in the Israeli military and is the son of an Israeli General. It’s amazing all the myths about Israel that most of us just accept as being the truth. This is over an hour long but was worth watching as far as I am concerned. It is also interesting and very hopeful.
There is a movement in Israel and here involving large numbers of Jewish people who are turning away from Zionism. We don’t hear about this in our media nor from our politicians who probably are not informed on this.


     This Magic Moment

thomas brinson wrote:
Lovely Richard . . .
I am a long time subscriber and lurker, but of late I focus my attention on appreciating the infinite beauty in our battered world and manifesting gratitude for it. As a Vietnam Veteran activist for many years I have ranted and railed against war and social injustice most of my adult life. I have recently become enlightened that this is the way it has always been, and most likely shall continue to be until another jump up some evolutionary scale of consciousness is achieved by humankind. Now, I focus my attention on stories such as “The Magic Moment”, as well as the incredible work of Louis Schwartzberg: 
More and more I aspire to be like the elderly man in this lovely film. Instead of focusing on how awful it is, I seek to appreciate more how wondrous It is . . .