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Here’s a very good video interview explaining how Dynamic Facilitation works:

Carol Brouillet kindly sent me a copy of this book:
     The Most Dangerous Book in the World:
     9/11 as Mass Ritual, by S. K. Bain, Trine Day, 2012, 354 pages
She also published a review of it:
If you’re a conspiracy buff, or even if you’re not, you may find this book intriguing. I wasn’t planning to read it right away, but once I started perusing it I had a hard time putting it down. Bain points out all the arcane symbolism that accompanied the 9/11 event, a wide-ranging investigation that takes in everything from Egyptian symbolism to Aleistar Crowley. He then goes on to identify recent dramatic events, all very symbolic, that point to a second, much bigger event than 9/11: a false-flag nuclear attack on Phoenix Arizona, which supposedly will occur at 8:15 am on Christmas Day this year. Perhaps this is what Obama was referring to when he joked that this term he’ll ‘win the war on Christmas’.

     I’m not saying I believe it, but I also wouldn’t go anywhere near Arizona (or even the USA) this December. 
Stephanie McDowall wrote:
You know Richard, I am somewhat tired of hearing the elitist term “sheeple” to describe the masses…..as if we were not part of this group too. How very fortunate that a percentage of this group have managed to obtain good educations and the ability to do critical thinking. Whether this was accomplished because of their own abilities only or because they came from families with enough disposable income to help them accomplish this, looking down their elitist noses is dead wrong in my opinion. In my view these people are almost as obnoxious as the elite at the top of the pyramid because of their sense of superiority and the disdain they seem to have for the “sheeple”. What are they really doing to help the situation besides pontificate?
     Forgive me for being impatient and cranky regarding this. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of some of those who post to you however, perhaps they need to rethink their attitudes. It is unlikely that these writers are grinding people under their heels but is it possible they help to maintain the indifference of governments, corporations and whoever towards the so called sheeple eventually allowing the indiscriminate murder of millions of people around the world over the past few decades? All of us are connected in one way or another with the sheeple and their problems are ours and for the same reasons.

Thanks Steph, I couldn’t agree more! Which of us isn’t being herded? Me for example, am I falling into their trap by spending so much of my time sitting at my computer? The point is that it’s very hard to know the truth, and even if we do, it’s even harder to know what we can do about it. Sometimes I think those who just get on with their lives and try to have fun are the most realistic. In any case, elitism is divisive, and unity is necessary if there is any way to make a difference!

Peggy Conroy wrote:

Seems as though lots of other people are working on a transformational world along with you and your following. This can be only a good thing. This may be of interest to you. Our part of upstate NY share Lake Champlain with Vt so are more alike than with other parts of NY. Lots of alternative farms who actually work w/big ones to improve their methodology, etc.
Best to you,

Thanks Peggy!

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