newslog 2 April


Richard Moore

Anna Mundow: Politics and humanitarianism
Mahmood Mamdani, a third-generation East African of Indian descent, grew up in Uganda, studied at Harvard, taught at various African and American universities, and is currently Herbert Lehman Professor…

Dominique Moïsi: Obama and the End of Privileges
In order to understand America in 2009, would a reading of de Tocqueville’s “The Ancien Régime and the Revolution” be at least as useful as his indispensable “Democracy in America”?

* George Galloway: audio speech re/banishment from Canada *
Galloway on Gaza BY HOST/PRODUCER: MEAGAN PERRY: You’re listening to a special edition of Needs No Introduction, Fresh ideas from speakers of note. British MP George Galloway was refused entry into Canada this week…

Kevin Gosztola: Give Obama a Chance to Do What?
If it weren’t for all the excuses being made for Obama’s and his administration’s actions, I would feel a whole lot better. I think others who suffered under the Bush Regime would too.

Martial law being field-tested in Mexico
In reading this article, one must keep in mind that the CIA runs the international drug trade, and that Calderón’s election was fraudulent. He was brought in to privatize Pemex, and there is a huge movement, and I’m not talking about drug barons, which opposes his administration.

2012 may bring the “perfect storm” – solar flares
This article is part of a continuing series on the implications of 2012.