newslog 20 March


Richard Moore

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Chossudovsky: Preparing for Civil Unrest in America
Legislation to Establish Internment Camps on US Military Bases

Jon Stewart’s Epiphany: Has a Comedian Just Saved America?

Robert Freeman * America’s Weimar Moment * historical confusion

Britain’s path to fascism: playing the racist card

Water Scarcity Bigger Threat Than Financial Crisis

Trade Barriers Could Threaten Global Economy
In the wake of globalization, and the failures of neoliberalism, it should be clear to all that the global economy is the problem, not the solution.

The deceptive campaign to destroy Social Security & Medicare
The Granny Bashers: Different Facts, Same Policy

Peter Chamberlin: Message To The Future

Mike Whitney: A Different Kind of Revolution

Growing Your Own Food On One Square Yard Of Land

Norman Jones: a brief history of usury
Usury Norman Jones, Utah State University The question of when and if money can be lent at interest for a guaranteed return is one of the oldest moral and economic problems in Western Civilization.

Africom’s Covert War in Sudan

Alan Nasser: A Real-World Stimulus Plan

Follow the money: Madoff, Mossad, AIG and 911


Obama: hypocrisy re/AIG bonuses
After dishing out $170 billion to AIG, without bothering to obtain oversight privileges, Obama now seeks to direct our anger at one tenth of one percent of that amount going to bonuses. Pay attention to the splinter and ignore the log.

TALF: latest Treasury rip-off

Michael Hudson: Ben Bernanke’s False Analogy

Financial Meltdown: The Doublespeak of a Discredited IMF
By Eric Toussaint and Damien Millet Global Research. 2009 The international crisis that broke in summer 2008 demolished all the neo-liberal dogmas and exposed the deception behind them.

China Gains Key Assets In Spate of Purchases

The Real AIG Scandal
It’s not the bonuses. It’s that AIG’s counterparties are getting paid back in full. By Eliot Spitzer

Fed to add $1.2 trillion more to national debt

Paul Craig Roberts: Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?

Pontiac Michigan: abandoning America, one city at a time
Video: Pontiac residents speak on schools crisis

Fed announces massive increase in government debt

Tracking Obama

John R. MacArthur: Obama is Far from a Radical Reformer

Obama: worried about ‘populist’ backlash

Obama, education, and elite planning

Obama taps his Internet Army

Obama reversal on signing statements to silence whistleblowers

Obama’s Open Government Initiative

California: Beware of “Start Up” Charter Schools

Obama to injured soldiers: Get your own insurance

Obama disses Blackwater – then Renews their Contract

Latin America

Former Guerrillas Win Power in El Salvador

U.S. knew Guatemalan security forces were behind abductions

Ecuador Voters Approve Rights of Nature

Venezuela: struggle with oligarchs continues
VHeadline Venezuela News: President Hugo Chavez has called on the Venezuelan Navy to prepare to take port facilities at the country’s major cargo terminal at Puerto Cabello

Venezuela: devolution proving problematic


Scott Reuben: tip of iceberg re/Pharma fraud
Dr. Scott Reuben fabricated the data used in over twenty pharmaceutical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals

Winter Soldiers Speak Out in Europe

Drones: a weapon from hell

Israeli Soldiers Expose Atrocities In Gaza

Attorney general signals shift in marijuana policy

Open Source Energy Movement (1 of 2)

Open Source Energy Movement (2 of 2)

Paul A. LaViolette: Advanced Field Propulsion Technologies