newslog 25 March


Richard Moore

Frances Moore Lappé: The City That Ended Hunger
A city in Brazil recruited local farmers to help do something U.S. cities have yet to do: end hunger.

Glenn Greenwald: The Virtues of Public Anger

The GIVE Act: NY Times view

The GIVE Act: Paul Joseph Watson’s view
Senate Rubber Stamps National Enslavement Bill

House adopts plan for Hitler Youth

Obama’s Hitler Youth: video
Excerpts from Obama’s “Organizing for America” training video
Steve Watson: DoD Announces Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

Film Review: The Obama Deception

What is FEMA up to in Chicago?
Inside source reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago

Why are they setting up and concealing mass graves in Phoenix?
Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens Shepard Ambellas Infowars. A usually quiet U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery, has been unusually active lately.

Senate stalling on bonus action

Geithner Seeks Expanded Power to Subsidize Cronies
Medicaid Suit Could Determine Who Decides Care: Doctor or State