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THE MOST AMAZING FACT is that in reply to that report,
MacArthur's command sent a series of three messages, Nov 26,
29, Dec 2, to HI lying about the location of the carrier
fleet - saying it was in the South China Sea. This false
information, which the NSA calls inexplicable, was the true
reason that HI was caught unawares. Duane Whitlock, who is
still alive in Iowa, sent those messages. There were a large
number of other messages that gave the location of the
Striking Force by alluding to the Aleutians, the North
Pacific and various weather systems near HI.

1 Dec. - FDR cut short his scheduled ten day vacation after
1 day to meet with Hull and Stark. The result of this
meeting was reported on 2 Dec. by the Washington Post:
"President Roosevelt yesterday assumed direct command of
diplomatic and military moves relating to Japan." This
politically damaging move was necessary to prevent the
mutiny of conspirators.

1 Dec. 3:30 P.M. FDR read Foreign Minister Togo's message to
his ambassador to Germany: "Say very secretly to them that
there is extreme danger between Japan & Anglo-Saxon nations
through some clash of arms, add that the time of this war
may come quicker than anyone dreams." This was in response
to extreme German pressure on November 29 for Japan to
strike the US and promises to join with Japan in war against
the US. The second of its three parts has never been
released. The message says it contains the plan of campaign.
This is 1 of only 3 known DIPLOMATIC intercepts that
specified PH as target. It was so interesting, FDR kept a

2 Dec. 2200 Tokyo time- Here is a typical JN-25
ships-in-harbor report sent to attack fleet, words in
parenthesis were in the original: "Striking Force telegram
No. 994. Two battleships (Oklahoma, Nevada), 1 aircraft
carrier (Enterprise) 2 heavy cruisers, 12 destroyers sailed.
The force that sailed on 22 November returned to port. Ships
at anchor Pearl Harbor p.m. 28 November were 6 battleships
(2 Maryland class, 2 California class, 2 Pennsylvania
class), 1 aircraft carrier (Lexington), 9 heavy cruisers (5
San Fransisco class, 3 Chicago class, 1 Salt Lake class), 5
light cruisers (4 Honolulu class, 1 Omaha class)"

2 Dec. - Commander of the Combined Imperial Fleet Yamamoto
radioed the attack fleet in plain (uncoded) Japanese Climb
Niitakayama 1208 (Dec 8 Japanese time, Dec 7 our time). Thus
the US knew EXACTLY when the war would start. Even HI knew.
Mount Niitaka was the highest mountain in the Japanese
Empire - 13,113 feet.

2 Dec. - General Hein Ter Poorten, the commander of the
Netherlands East Indies Army gave the Winds setup message to
the US War Department. The Dutch intercept station was Kamer
14 on Java. The Dutch, British and Americans all had liaison
officers at each others' Far Eastern code centers and secret
radio contact with each other (British FECB at Singapore;
and US at Station Cast, Philippines) throughout 1941. These
centers helped each other. The Australians had a center in
Melbourne and the Chinese also broke JN-25. A Dutch sub had
visually tracked the attack fleet to the Kurile Islands in
early November and this info was passed to DC, but DC did
not give it to HI. The intercepts the Dutch gave the US are
still classified in RG 38, Box 792.

2 Dec - Japanese order No. 902 specified that old JN-25
additive tables version 7 would continue to be used
alongside version 8 when the latter was introduced on
December 4. This means the US read all messages to the
Striking Force through the attack.

4 Dec. - In the early hours, Ralph Briggs at the Navy's East
Coast Intercept station, received the "East Winds, Rain"
message, the Winds Execute, which meant war. He put it on
the TWX circuit immediately and called his commander. This
message was deleted from the files. One of the main coverups
of Pearl Harbor was to make this message disappear. Japanese
Dispatch # 7001. In response to the Winds Execute, the
Office of US Naval IQ had all Far Eastern stations (Hawaii
not informed) destroy their codes and classified documents
including the Tokyo Embassy.

4 Dec. - Kilsoo Haan called Maxwell Hamilton at the State
Department and told him that the Korean underground had
information that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor the
coming weekend.

4 Dec. - The Dutch invoked the ADB joint defense agreement
when the Japanese crossed the magic line of 100 East and 10
North. The U.S. was at war with Japan 3 days before they
were at war with us.

4 Dec. - General Ter Poorten sent all the details of the
Winds Execute command to Colonel Weijerman, the Dutch
military attache' in Washington to pass on to the highest
military circles. Weijerman personally gave it to Marshall,
Chief of Staff of the War Department.

4 Dec - US General Thorpe at Java sent four messages warning
of the PH attack. DC ordered him to stop sending warnings.

5 Dec. - All Japanese international shipping had returned to
home port.

5 December - In the morning FDR dictated a letter to Wendell
Wilkie for the Australian Prime Minister, "There is always
the Japanese to consider. The situation is definitely
serious and there might be an armed clash at any
moment...Perhaps the next four or five days will decide the

5 Dec. - At a Cabinet meeting, Secretary of the Navy Knox
said, "Well, you know Mr. President, we know where the
Japanese fleet is?" "Yes, I know" said FDR. " I think we
ought to tell everybody just how ticklish the situation is.
We have information as Knox just mentioned...Well, you tell
them what it is, Frank." Knox became very excited and said,
"Well, we have very secret information that the Japanese
fleet is out at sea. Our information is..." and then a
scowling FDR cut him off. (Infamy, Toland, 1982, ch 14 sec

5 Dec. - Washington Star reporter Constantine Brown quotes a
friend in his book The Coming of the Whirlwind p 291, "This
is it! The Japs are ready to attack. We've broken their
code, and we've read their ORDERS."

5 Dec. - Lt. Howard Brown of Station Cast in the Philippines
received urgent request from Washington to listen for a
short message from Tokyo which ended with the English word
"stop". He heard the message at 11:30 PM Hawaiian time Dec
6. This is the Hidden Word Code set up in a message of
November 27 (e.g. in code, Roosevelt=Miss Kimiko). The
message was: "Relations between Japan and the following
countries are on the brink of catastrophe: Britain and the
United States."

6 December - This 18 November J19 message was translated by
the Army: "1. The warships at anchor in the Harbor on the
15th were as I told you in my No.219 on that day. Area A --
A battleship of the Oklahoma class entered and one tanker
left port. Area C -- 3 warships of the heavy cruiser class
were at anchor. 2. On the 17th the Saratoga was not in
harbor. The carrier Enterprise, or some other vessel was in
Area C. Two heavy cruisers of the Chicago class, one of the
Pensacola class were tied up at docks 'KS'. 4 merchant
vessels were at anchor in area D. 3. At 10:00 A.M. on the
morning of the 17th, 8 destroyers were observed entering the
Harbor..." Of course this information was not passed to HI.

6 Dec. - A Dec 2 request from Tokyo to HI for information
about the absence of barrage balloons, anti-torpedo nets and
air recon was translated by the Army.

6 Dec. - at 9:30 P.M FDR read the first 13 parts of the
decoded Japanese diplomatic declaration of war and said
"This means war." What kind of President would do nothing?
When he returned to his 34 dinner guests he said, "The war
starts tomorrow."

6 Dec. - the war cabinet: FDR, top advisor Hopkins, Stimson,
Marshall, Secretary of the Navy Knox, with aides John McCrea
and Frank Beatty "deliberately sat through the night of 6
December 1941 waiting for the Japs to strike." (Infamy ch 16
sec 2)

7 December - A message from the Japanese Consul in Budapest
to Tokyo: "On the 6th, the American Minister presented to
the Government of this country a British Government
communique to the effect that a state of war would break out
on the 7th." The communique was the Dec 5th war alert from
the British Admiralty. It has disappeared. This triple
priority alert was delivered to FDR personally. The Mid-East
British Air Marshall told Col. Bonner Fellers on Saturday
that he had received a secret signal that America was coming
into the war in 24 hours. Churchill summarized the message
in GRAND ALLIANCE page 601 as listing the two fleets
attacking British targets and "Other Japanese fleets...also
at sea on other tasks." There only were three other fleets-
for Guam, the Philippines and HI. 2 paragraphs of the alert,
British targets only, are printed in AT DAWN WE SLEPT,
Prange, p 464. There is no innocent purpose for our
government to hide this document.

7 December 1941 very early Washington time, there were two
Marines, an emergency special detail, stationed outside the
Japanese Naval Attache's door. 9:30 AM Aides begged Stark to
send a warning to Hawaii. He did not. 10 AM FDR read the
14th part, 11 A.M. FDR read the 15th part setting the time
for the declaration of war to be delivered to the State
Department at 1 PM, about dawn Pearl Harbor time, and did
nothing. Navy Secretary Knox was given the 15th part at
11:15 A.M. with this note from the Office of Naval IQ: "This
means a sunrise attack on Pearl Harbor today." Naval IQ also
transmitted this prediction to Hull and about 8 others,
including the White House (PHH 36:532). At 10:30 AM Bratton
informed Marshall that he had a most important message (the
15th part) and would bring it to Marshall's quarters but
Marshall said he would take it at his office. At 11:25
Marshall reached his office according to Bratton. Marshall
testified that he had been riding horses that morning but he
was contradicted by Harrison, McCollum, and Deane. Marshall
who had read the first 13 parts by 10 PM the prior night,
perjured himself by denying that he had even received them.
Marshall, in the face of his aides' urgent supplications
that he warn Hawaii, made strange delays including reading
and re-reading all of the 10 minute long 14 Part Message

ix .d/annex_e.txt (and some parts several times) which took
an hour and refused to use the scrambler phone on his desk,
refused to send a warning by the fast, more secure Navy
system but sent Bratton three times to inquire how long it
would take to send his watered down warning - when informed
it would take 30 or40 minutes by Army radio, he was
satisfied (that meant he had delayed enough so the warning
wouldn't reach Pearl Harbor until after the 1 PM Washington
time deadline). The warning was in fact sent commercial
without priority identification and arrived 6 hours late.
This message reached all other addressees, like the
Philippines and Canal Zone, in a timely manner.

7 December - 7:55 A.M. Hawaii time AIR RAID PEARL HARBOR.

7 December - 1:50 P.M. Washington time. Harry Hopkins, who
was the only person with FDR when he received the news of
the attack by telephone from Knox, wrote that FDR was
unsurprised and expressed "great relief." Eleanor Roosevelt
wrote about December 7th in This I Remember p 233, that FDR
became "in a way more serene." In the NY Times Magazine of
October 8, 1944 she wrote: "Dec. 7 was...far from the shock
it proved to the country in general. We had expected
something of the sort for a long time."

7 December - 3:00 PM "The (war cabinet) conference met in
not too tense an atmosphere because I think that all of us
believed that in the last analysis the enemy was
Hitler...and that Japan had given us an opportunity." Harry
Hopkins, Dec. 7 Memo (Roosevelt and Hopkins R Sherwood, p.

7 December - 9 hours later, MacArthur's entire air force was
caught by surprise and wiped out in the Philippines. His
reaction to the news of Pearl Harbor was quite unusual - he
locked himself in his room all morning and refused to meet
with his air commander General Brereton, and refused to
attack Japanese forces on Formosa even under orders from the
War Department. MacArthur gave three conflicting orders that
ensured the planes were on the ground most of the morning.
MacArthur used radar tracking of the Japanese planes at 140,
100, 80, 60, down to 20 miles to time his final order and
ensure his planes were on the ground. Strategically, the
destruction of half of all US heavy bombers in the world was
more important than naval damage in Pearl Harbor. Either
MacArthur had committed the greatest blunder in military
history or he was under orders to allow his forces to be
destroyed. If it were the greatest blunder in history, it is
remarkable how he escaped any reprimand, kept his command
and got his fourth star and Congressional Medal of Honor
shortly later. Prange argued, "How could the President
ensure a successful Japanese attack unless he confided in
the commanders and persuaded them to allow the enemy to
proceed unhindered?"

7 December - 8:30 PM, FDR said to his cabinet, "We have
reason to believe that the Germans have told the Japanese
that if Japan declares war, they will too. In other words, a
declaration of war by Japan automatically brings..." at
which point he was interrupted, but his expectation and
focus is clear. Mrs. Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor,
observed later about FDR: "I had a deep emotional feeling
that something was wrong, that this situation was not all it
appeared to be." Mrs. Perkins was obsessed by Roosevelt's
strange reactions that night and remarked particularly on
the expression he had:" In other words, there have been
times when I associated that expression with a kind of
evasiveness." FDR met with CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow at
midnight. Murrow, who had seen many statesmen in crises, was
surprised at FDR's calm reaction. After chatting about
London, they reviewed the latest news from PH and then FDR
tested Murrow's news instincts with these 2 bizarre giveaway
questions: "Did this surprise you?" Murrow said yes. FDR:
"Maybe you think it didn't surprise us?" FDR gave the
impression that the attack itself was not unwelcome. This is
the same high-strung FDR that got polio when convicted of
perjury; the same FDR that was bedridden for a month when he
learned Russia was to be attacked; the same FDR who couldn't
eat or drink when he got the Japanese order to sail.

8 December - In a conversation with his speechwriter
Rosenman, FDR "emphasized that Hitler was still the first
target, but he feared that a great many Americans would
insist that we make the war in the Pacific at least equally
important with the war against Hitler." Later, Jonathan
Daniels, administrative assistant and press secretary to FDR
said, "The blow was heavier than he had hoped it would
necessarily be...But the risks paid off; even the loss was
worth the price..." FDR reminisced with Stalin at Tehran on
November 30, 1943, saying "if the Japanese had not attacked
the US he doubted very much if it would have been possible
to send any American forces to Europe." Compare this
statement with what FDR said at the Atlantic Conference 4
months before Pearl: "Everything was to be done to force an
'incident' to justify hostitlities." Given that a Japanese
attack was the only possible incident, then FDR had said he
would do it.

Information Known in Washington and Hawaii October
9-December 7, 1941 Date Item Washington Kimmel Short Oct. 9
"Bombplot" message X Nov. 26-28 "Winds" setup message X X
[1] Nov. 26 Location of carriers X Dec. 1 Japanese
declaration of war X Dec. 2-6 Code destruction X [2] X X
Dec. 4 "Winds execute" message X X[3] Dec. 4 US at war with
Japan via ADB X Dec. 5 British Admiralty Alert X Dec. 6-7
"14 Part" message X Dec. 7 "One o'clock" message X [1]
Admiral Kimmel learned of the "winds" code in a Nov. 28th
dispatch to him from the US Asiatic Fleet. JCC, p. 470. [2]
DC informed HI that codes were being burned world-wide so
when they learned the local consulate burned codes they
would not go on alert. [3] General Short was given the Winds
Execute by British IQ.

Note that none of the 3 diplomatic messages or the many
naval messages identifying Pearl as the target were
forwarded (not to mention HUMINT). Only 5 of the 74 Navy IQ
packets delivered to FDR in the 2 weeks before Dec 7 can be


The issue of whether FDR and Washington were responsible for
Pearl Harbor was decided in two courts of law in 1944. Both
the Navy Court and the Army Board found Washington guilty.
NAVY Court of Inquiry !!!
Top Secret ARMY Board Report!!! (30K)

Oct, 1944, "Now let us turn to the fateful period between
November 27 and December 6, 1941. In this period numerous
pieces of information came to our State, War, and Navy
Departments in all of their Top ranks indicating precisely
the intentions of the Japanese including the probable exact
hour and date of the attack. " In response to this report,
Marshall offered his resignation - the sign of a guilty
conscience. Marshall testified at the MacArthur hearings
that he considered loyalty to his chief superior to loyalty
to his country.

on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15,
1945 to May 31, 1946, proved that there had been so much
reversion of testimony, coverup and outright lies that the
truth would have to wait until all Pearl Harbor records were

Most of the conspirators were military men, all men of FDR's
own choice, men who only followed orders and FDR never
delegated authority. Stark, in answer to charges that he
denied IQ to Hawaii, said publicly in August 1945 that
everything he did pre-Dec 7, 1941 was on FDR's orders. The
handfull of military men in DC responsible for the disaster
at Pearl Harbor were directly under the control of FDR and
were later promoted and protected from investigation;
promoted with FDR's full knowledge that they were
responsible for not warning Hawaii. On the record,
Intelligence tried to warn HI scores of times but were
prevented by FDR's men.


American Deaths: 2,403; Wounded 1,178.

Eighteen ships were sunk or seriously damaged including 5
battleships (USS Arizona photo).

188 planes were destroyed and 162 were damaged.

Japanese Out of an attack force of 31 ships and 353 raiding
planes the Japanese lost: 64 deaths, 29 planes, 5 midget

at least, the governments of Britain, Netherlands,
Australia, Peru, Korea and the Soviet Union that a surprise
attack on Pearl Harbor was coming. Most, if not all,
Japanese codes were broken. FDR and Marshall and others knew
the attack was coming, allowed it and covered up their
knowledge. It's significant that both the the chief of
OP-20-G Safford and Friedman of Army SIS, the two people in
the world that knew what we decoded, said that FDR knew
Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked.

Pearl Harbor was not about war with Japan - It was about war
1.OBJECTIVE: War with Germany. How do you bait Hitler to
declare war on you? You don't get it by looking unbeatable!
2.Direct provocation in Atlantic had failed - Hitler didn't
bite. 3.FDR knew from magic that if Japan attacked, Germany
would declare war. 4.Therefore: the problem was how to
maneuver Japan into firing the first shot or make the first
overt act. 5.Japan must succeed or Hitler would renege.

War with Japan was a given because they had to attack the
Philippines. If Japan's fleet were destroyed, it would
defeat the purpose. It would have been obvious suicide for
Hitler to declare war if Japan were crippled - it would
allow the US to attack him without even the possibility of a
two-front war. That was what he had just been avoiding for
months. The plan could only work if Japan's attack
succeeded. The lure of a weakened US in a two-front war
focused on Japan seemed to make a German war declaration
cost-free. But it was all a trap - FDR was always going to
ignore Japan and go after Hitler, for his ultimate goal was
to save his beloved Soviet Communism.

In November FDR ordered the Red Cross Disaster Relief
director to secretly prepare for massive casualties at Pearl
Harbor because he was going to let it be attacked. When he
protested to the President, President Roosevelt told him
that "the American people would never agree to enter the war
in Europe unless they were attack [sic] within their own
borders." See U.S. Naval Institute - Naval History - Advance
Warning? The Red Cross Connection by Daryl S. Borgquist

CHURCHILL--FDR KNEW. Did FDR know that Pearl Harbor was a
Japanese target? Answer: FDR planned Pearl Harbor to be
their target. He ordered the ships in and the carriers out.
Churchill wrote about Pearl Harbor that FDR and his top
advisors "knew the full and immediate purpose of their
enemy." (GRAND ALLIANCE p 603)
Churchill's entire discussion of Pearl Harbor was a
justification of treason, e.g.: "A Japanese attack upon the
U.S. was a vast simplification of (FDR's and advisors')
problems and their duty. How can we wonder that they
regarded the actual form of the attack, or even its scale,
as incomparably less important than the fact that the whole
American nation would be united...?"

J. Edgar Hoover told his friends in early 1942 that FDR had
known about the Pearl Harbor plan since the early fall. It
was totally in character for FDR to concoct such a plan. Not
only had the US Senate already censured FDR for utterly
lacking moral perspective, but as Walter Lippmann wrote:
"his purposes are not simple and his methods are not
direct." To get into the war, FDR used the Atlantic Fleet as
bait to be shot up; Pearl Harbor was the same thing in the
Pacific. US Admiral Bloch testified "The Japanese only
destroyed a lot of old hardware. In a sense they did us a
favor." This was obviously FDR's view as well, because on 7
December at 2:15, minutes after hearing of the attack and
before any damage reports were in, FDR called Lord Halifax
at the British Embassy and told him "Most of the fleet was
at sea...none of their newer ships were in harbour."


Why does the government refuse to release all the messages
to the attack fleet, or any JN-25 messages decoded before
Dec 7? There is absolutely nothing about national security
to hide in JN-25. It is a trivial and worthless 19th century
code. The techniques for cracking it had been published
world-wide in 1931. The US government has proudly showed how
they used JN-25 decrypts after December 8 to win the Battle
of Midway which occurred 7 months after Pearl Harbor.
Therefore, there is nothing intrinsic about the code itself,
the means of cracking it, or the fact that we cracked it,
that has any national security implications of any nature.
What is the difference between decrypts from the Purple
machine and decrypts from JN-25? The answer is simply that
the JN-25 messages contained the final operational details
of the Pearl Harbor attack, whereas the Purple did not.


Why won't they let the truth out? Such secrecy breeds
mistrust in government. The only thing that is left to hide
are JN-25 decrypts and worksheets showing that the US and
Britain monitored the Japanese attack fleet all the way to
Pearl Harbor. That is the scandal. That is the big secret.
It raises the issue of whether the NSA is accessory after
the fact to treason. However, the secrecy and misdirection
by the NSA about our capabilities with JN-25B and pre-war
messages proves there is something very wrong. The NSA has
systematically lied about the size of the JN25 books by a
factor of 4 and about how many codebreakers worked on the
code in 1941 by a factor of 22. The NSA is an evil Gestapo
that is committed neither to truth nor open government nor
the rule of law. We live an Orwellian history in which
treason is honored, in which FDR's murder of thousands of
young innocent men is good. In a word, we are no different
from the tyranny we decry. A self-governing people must have
truth to make proper decisions. By subverting the truth, the
National Security Agency is subverting our Democracy.

He who controls the past, controls the future. He who
controls the present, controls the past. - Orwell Tokyo had
to send the daily bomb-plots, cabled from its Honolulu
consulate, to the attack fleet by JN-25 radio messages. The
pilots had to get their target information. "The news of the
position of enemy ships in Pearl Harbor comes again and
again." - Lt. Cmdr. Chigusa, executive officer of the attack
fleet's Akigumo in his diary, December 4, 1941 (At Dawn We
Slept, G. Prange, page 453). FDR got it, too. FDR knew the
Japanese pilots' targets as well as they did, because he got
their bomb-plots when they did. He had their specific
targets, ship by ship, in his hands at the White House.
These messages would prove absolutely that FDR knew that the
attack fleet's target was Pearl Harbor and therefore are not
released. The unnecessary and illogical secrecy about
pre-December 7, 1941, JN-25 decoding is conclusive evidence
that there was wrongdoing at the highest levels.

FDR was a traitor for maneuvering Japan into war with US -
and that is known and admitted - FDR was a traitor for
sacrificing American lives, for putting America in danger,
for usurping the Constitutional power of Congress to make
war. Day of infamy, indeed; he chose his words precisely
with a hidden double-meaning. Four days before the attack,
FDR could have sent telegrams of condolence to the families
of the sailors he was going to allow to be killed. Even
today there is a coverup, based on a transparently bogus
excuse of national security, that shows that our government
cannot face the truth about what happened a half-century
ago. Truth we owe the men of Pearl Harbor. Until we tell the
full truth, we dishonor them and every soldier and sailor
who gave their life for their country. Should their lives
have been sacrificed for treason and no one know, they had
died in vain. If their honor cover treason - we are not a
nation of law. The Air Corps in the Philippines and the Navy
at Pearl were FDR's bait, the oil embargo was his stick, the
end of negotiations was the tripwire in FDR's game of shame
- a game of death for so many. Roosevelt aided and abetted
the murder of thousands of Americans.


Pearl Harbor, Mother of All Conspiracies, the book [<--click
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"Very late on a cold, dark night in December, a British
emissary was driven through the dreary streets of
Washington. Inside his diplomatic pouch he carried a secret
message marked Most Urgent Personal and Secret to the
President. It was a triple priority message from the British
Admiralty in London that the United States of America was
going to be attacked at Pearl Harbor on December 7th. Lord
Halifax was swiftly shown in to the White House and
conferred with Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt's hopes soared;
his long-laid plans were about to be fulfilled. It was
December 5th, 1941." From the Introduction This definitive
Revisionist Bible presents incontrovertable proof that the
United States read the main Japanese fleet code JN-25 prior
to Pearl Harbor. More than 200 hundred Japanese naval
messages decoded in 1941 are published.

It proves Washington knew Pearl Harbor was to be attacked by
publishing for the first time a 26 November 1941 Navy
intelligence analysis concluding that Japanese carriers were
in the Kurile Islands poised to attack Hawaii.

It settles the debate about whether a "Winds" message was

It refutes the myth that the Striking Force maintained radio

It reveals for the first time several of the most deeply
kept secrets of World War II.

It explains the sacrifice of Bataan.

It discloses the treason at Midway.

It details how FDR engineered Pearl Harbor to save his
beloved Soviet Communism.

It analyzes how FDR sold out his country to be President for

For Mother of Conspiracies documents and references, as well
as much more information, please refer to my book.

Yahoo's Pearl Harbor Page

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The FDR Scandal Page.

Take Action: Send a Freedom of Information Act request to
the NSA for release of all pre-Pearl Harbor secrets.

E-mail Mark Willey: •••@••.•••.


...shall ne'er go by,

From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall
be remembered-- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he that today sheds his blood for me Shall be my