re-2/ It’s Official: Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery


Richard Moore

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The Google versions finally did get posted after all. Sorry for the false alarm. I would still encourage people to migrate however, because I’m uncomfortable with the many changes Google is making to their services. If you do migrate, you can unsub from the google version by sending a message here:

Chris analyzed the PDF file I downloaded today from and it is definitely not the one they were looking at in Arizona. Someone is trying to fool someone, but I don’t know who the someones are. Maybe they’re all trying to fool everyone. Who is it that said you can’t fool all the people all the time? I’m beginning to wonder. (: I know, it was Lincoln, but I liked that sentence 🙂 

Peggy Conroy wrote:
This is just another issue meant to distract from the real slime going on pushed by the “powers that be”. I think we all know who they are; Big finance, Big military-industrial-congressional complex, Big pharma, etc.  Many people who have worked in the beltway area ( I used to live there) think  the president has become almost a side issue.  No matter who holds the position there is only so much he can do for the common man.  Of course “Big” does better under a Bush (especially their anti-woman, environment, etc. policies) but still have enormous control over any president. Things like “birther, muslim, etc” play quite well with ignorant prejudices common to the fringe right wing in the USA.  As Lyndon Johnson said when he signed the civil rights act, we’ve lost the south for at least a generation.  Unfortunately, there are lots of people here who can think of nothing else politically but to “get those /@#%!!  Out of the white house…….so those people are easily used as pawns. 
The crazy part to all of this is that much of big business could do so much better business  if they just treated all populations on the earth as basically decent, wanting just a place to live without getting bombed/polluted,  an education for themselves and their kids and some good food. How to deal with the % of humans lusting after $$$ and power seems to be an eternal problem.  Maybe free information flow amongst all people can be successful, we shall see.
 Thanks for all your efforts,
Peggy Conroy
West Chazy, NY

Thanks for your comments. I’d say every issue mentioned by the mainstream media is nothing but distraction. And I don’t think any President since Kennedy has been genuine, particularly Obama. In retrospect Bush was refreshing for his transparency. Obama is a total con artist cult leader Bilderberger champion. I’ve posted about this so many times I’ve tired of it. If people don’t know already they’ll never know. So I post things that I find interesting. 

The top of the power pyramid are the central banksters, and everyone else, including the military-industrial-complex dances to their tune. Free information flow seems to make no difference, which is why the Internet has been tolerated for so long. I continue trying because it gives me a feeling of being connected to people who care. I value those who I disagree with just as much as those who I agree with. And I think everyone here is sincere, which I can’t say about everyplace on the net. 


Milton Block wrote:
Staggering the ignorance out there, especially when there is no open mind to be seen anywhere.
  Thank God for rkm I say! You have helped open my mind many times now. Your growing ability to communicate your knowledge in a balanced way are some of the best I have seen. I am fortunate to experience it and hope it continues.
 Thank you again!

And thank you Milton, for making my day. I haven’t overcome my ego, nor do I want to, so I do appreciate a bit of appreciation once in a while. I think ego is a good thing, although it is important to not to let it govern everything one does. Balance is the key.