It’s Official: Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery


Richard Moore

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Here’s the basic story. A PDF document was published on the White House website that was purported to be a scan of Obama’s birth certificate. Sheriff Arpaio of Phoenix Arizona received a petition from local citizens requesting that he investigate the legitimacy of the document. He commissioned a team to do that investigation, and they worked on in it for six months, with the help of computer forensics experts. 

When they read the document into Adobe Illustrator, they found that it was a constructed document, not something that was scanned in. It had separate layers for the text, the background, the certification stamp, etc. It is without question a forgery. When this became clear, the team went on to investigate Obama’s selective service card, and they found that it too was a forgery.

This video is very detailed about how the forensic examination was carried out, and how they drew their conclusions. It’s a very informative and professional presentation, and it is over an hour long:
Sheriff Arpaio: Entire Obama Birth Certificate Press Conference

Segments of that video are shown on this CBS News TV broadcast:
It’s Official! Obama is an Illegal President! Now What?
My question is this: can the forgers really have been so stupid about how they released this fake document? All they needed to do was print it out, scan back in the pages, and release that scan in PDF form. With that simple and obvious process of covering their tracks, this investigation could not have been carried out. By releasing the file exactly as it came out of Photoshop, their fabrication can be easily discovered and proven. I do not believe this could have been a mistake, an oversight. Anyone contemplating a fraud with such enormous implications would have known to be more careful – if they wanted the fraud to remain undiscovered. 
I think it is pretty clear that the forgery is what we might call a ‘sleeper’ – a time bomb that was intended to go off at some time in the future, like about now, eight months before the next election. If this story gets big, as it well may, and isn’t just swept under the carpet, consider the possible consequences…
First of all, the Republicans in Congress could pick up on the story, and perhaps initiate impeachment proceedings. The right wing has always hated Obama, and this could lead to conservative resurgence, and a clear victory for the Republican Presidential candidate. It is also possible that we’d have a Constitutional crisis from this prior to the election, and FEMA might take control under the ‘continuance of government’ provisions of their charter. 
It’s not about Obama ‘going down’; it’s about managing a regime change in America of one kind or another. A regime change that has been in preparation for some time, but that will be portrayed as a ‘spontaneous response’ to an ‘unexpected crisis’.