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We had more responses to this posting that we’ve gotten on any postings for quite some time. However, based on the responses, I doubt if anyone actually looked at the evidence presented in the material I posted. It seems that people ignored the evidence, and responded based on their existing prejudices. I’m not particularly surprised, but I am disappointed. 

But before we get into the responses, I’d like to mention that Peter Myer has put together a CD of articles, including some of my own. You may find the CD useful, and here is Peter’s description of it:



Jackson davis wrote:
Oh, now I suppose they’re going to claim that he’s Irish!
Barack Obama is IRISH!

Thanks for including a bit of humor in our dialog. 
Tasha Polak wrote:
1. Barack Obama Birth Certificate ••• 
Is Barack Obama’s birth certificate a forgery?
  …Birth Certificate Claim: Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. FALSE

I followed the links to snopes, and watched their videos. It is clear that the PDF file snopes is analyzing is not the same PDF file that Sheriff Arpaio’s committee analyzed. The PDF file Arpaio analyzed does show clear evidence of a forgery. The one snopes analyzed does not.
I went to and downloaded the PDF file that is there now. I loaded that into Preview, and there is no editable text. It seems to be the same one snopes is analyzing. I’m not sure how good of a test that is, because Preview is not a very sophisticated piece of software. I sent the PDF to Chris and asked him to tell us what the layers look like.
If what Preview indicates is correct, that means that either Arpaio’s committee created a fraudulent PDF file, or that someone at replaced the originally posted file with a different one. I have no idea which is true. 
I suppose some of you will assume Arpaio’s committee committed fraud, and some of you will assume the White House switched files, based on your existing prejudices. I remain open to either possibility. I certainly do not trust Obama or the White House, but I have no particular reason to trust Arpaio either, now that I know about this discrepancy between the files. 
I will say this however. Arpaio and his committee claim that they started out trying to validate the birth certificate, and were surprised to find evidence of fraud. They sounded convincing, but Obama also sounds convincing, even when I know he’s lying. So in my mind the legitimacy of the birth certificate remains an open question.

Gerry wrote:
I  do not understand!!   I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but,  can you tell me, If this is all true,  How is it that nobody is doing anything about it?  Congress doesn’t seem to be  doing anything and for sure the news is not making it known!   WHY?  Don’t they realize that our country is at stake here?  Another thing,  How does our president get away with destroying and circumventing the Constitution without some kind of attempt to stop this destruction?  The people that are letting this happen should be held accountable!!

My view is that Obama, Congress, and the mainstream media are totally corrupt. I’m not at all surprised that they wouldn’t admit any kind of fraud, if indeed there is fraud. As regards circumventing the Constitution, nearly everything Obama has done in office has been unconstitutional, and ‘nobody’ is doing anything about that, including the Supreme Court. 
Revin Floyd wrote:
I passed this out to everyone I know (including you) just before the election and got not one response—probably because it is a long, legalistic article. Interesting nonetheless. A couple of the interesting things Vieira points out in this article is that if Obama’s were proven ineligible for the Office of The President he could not be impeached… And not a single law signed by him would be valid. Freaked me out pretty good when I read it but no one else seemed at all interested at the time… Go figure…
By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
October 29, 2008

I didn’t want to say anything about Obama’s legitimacy until I saw evidence that seemed convincing. Arpaio’s evidence is quite convincing – if the PDF file his committee analyzed was downloaded from
Paul Cienfuegos wrote:
i’m dumbfounded that you could believe a story like this. why are you giving this any attention/credibility at all?
do you have ANY idea at all how much of a joke that arizona sheriff is? do you have ANY clue how credible local corporate news stories are these days?
c’mon, dude!
this one report on your listserv has undermined YEARS of your hard work building your own credibility.
stunned by your naivete,
paul cienfuegos

I thought my credibility among the politically-correct crowd was already undermined by my postings on global warming and vaccines. I’m not particularly concerned about my level of credibility among people who refuse to look at evidence. I present evidence that appears credible to me at the time of posting, and I’m always willing to change my mind if new evidence is presented.
Claudia Rice wrote:
As a frequent Hawaii visitor you should certainly know this is nonsense and right-wing propaganda aimed at the clueless. There are too many living witnesses and friends of the family etc etc to make this even remotely plausible.
  I’m no Obama fan. But let’s talk about real issues, and all the mind-numbing schemes afloat trying to obscure the fact that a “choice” between Tweedledum and Tweedledee always ends up with rule by a Tweedle (corporate) shill. All the irrelevancies only add to the misdirection.
I don’t know what visiting Hawaii has to do with it. That reminds of people I meet here in Ireland, who say they have friends in California, and ask whether I know them. Fat chance. I think the legitimacy of the birth certificate is a real issue. And I agree that fraud in that case, whether true or false, does not change the fact that elections are meaningless. 
Alfred wrote:
I am beginning to understand that the obviously forged birth certificate profferred by Barack H. Obama on April 27, 2012 may have been an intentional psyops provocation by Obama and the CIA time travel Presidency apparatus to fracture and divide the body politic of the USA using MSM disinformation and propaganda (techniques the CIA has used since the 1950s to overthrow regimes), and undermine even further the constitutional fabric of the USA, already weakened by CIA false flags (JFK assassination (Nov. 22, 1963); (9/11 False Flag); 2008 Financial Collapse false flag; Katrina & BP Oil Spill False Flags). USA is now divided with 40% believing Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be President, and an equal percentage believing that the “forged birth certificate” has been disproved (because MSM has told them so). Result: The preconditions for the deconstruction of the USA in Obama Term II (2013 – 2016), and its balkanization into 5 or more NWO administrative districts to include Canada perhaps. One possible accelerating mechanism (2013-2016: Martial law around manipulated food shortage and famine –  Alfred. 

If did switch documents, then I’d agree the whole birth certificate issue is a psyop. But that is now in doubt. In either case, it is certainly true that dividing the body politic is a longstanding principle of our political system. 

David Lewit wrote:
So, Richard, the birth stuff released by the White House was done without Obama’s knowledge or approval?  I have not been following this nonsense, but I think you are saying that some cabal inside the White House, or pretending to be in the White House, has released this…  All in all, to me a certificate is not necessary—clearly the man grew up in Hawai’i as an American, with his mother and step father working for CIA-supported American institutions.  Are we going to have a repetition of “what is is”? 
p.s.  I ran your piece about Ireland reclaiming itself on page 6 of the March-April Dispatch which was mailed to you today.  The banking issue is heating up—several big conferences on public banking I’m attending in Claremont CA and Philadelphia.

All I’m saying at this point is that Arpaio released convincing evidence that a certain PDF file is a forgery. Beyond that you can draw your own conclusions. Over the years there has been a lot of repetition in my postings. But no one seems to care about that except in the case of postings they don’t agree with. 
Thanks for sharing the posting about Ireland. I hope the public banking movement succeeds in getting some public banks established.
John Fellowes wrote:
oh for fuck sakes, get a life

Thanks for your advice John, but I’m quite happy with my life as it is.

riseup-admin wrote:
FYI command signoff list cyberjournal from •••@••.••• 

Farewell and dream on, LA Dreamer. Los Angeles, home of Hollywood, generator of fantasies and propaganda.
Evenlyn wrote:
Hogwash—-I don’t believe it!
  All this junk to take down President Obama.
We haven’t had a President of this calibre in quite awhile now, and I think he is GREAT!!!!!  He could have been born in a manger, for all I care.  He could have been born in a manger, but you cannot take away his credentials, intellect and warmth.
I am in his corner 100%!!!!

It seems we have a quite different understandings of what he has done with his Presidency. I don’t find much warmth in the death and destruction he has rained down on innocent people.