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Richard Moore

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Many thanks to all of you who sent in words of support & encouragement, advice, your own near-death stories, etc. Many wrote who I had never heard from before. At such times, after brushing shoulders with the next world, it is indeed comforting to renew ones contacts with this world. 
I assume you understand I won’t be able to respond to everyone. As a matter of fact, in my temporarily weakened state, I’m realizing that this email stuff takes a lot of energy. Just concentrating on the screen, I can feel a draining. I never thought of it as ‘work’, in the physical sense, but it is to a certain extent. I’m not complaining, just observing. And my strength will return. That’s one of the things several of you have shared, from your own experiences.
By the way, prior to the health incident, I did some more work on the self-governance model. The title and URL are the same, but it gets updated from time to time:
A consensus-based model for global self-governance

And several people sent in information regarding Google:
Liz Burbank wrote:
Google Comes Under Fire for ‘Secret’ Relationship with NSA

Thomas Healy forwarded:
Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts

Peter ‘webwiz’ wrote:
You’ll probably get a kick out of this:

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