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Last Thursday morning I suffered a massive heart attack. The pain was incredible. But by that afternoon they had treated it with a ‘stent’ and now I’m already back home recovering. My praises to the Irish health system, where all of this was free. It was a one-off event, a single clot, and my arteries, cholesterol, etc. are basically in good shape. The culprit was my heavy smoking which I’ve now given up. After all that pain, the temptation is gone. They wanted to give me nicotine patches, but I refused. That’s just maintaining the addiction. Besides, the patches I would go for would have more interesting substances in them 🙂
As my daughter said, “Let’s face it Dad, you are 68”. She’s right. If I want to live another 20 years or so I’ve got to start taking care of myself. I’ll take this event as a wake-up call. Also, I want to have plans in place for ‘whenever’. One thing I worry about is this list. We’ve got such a community of good people here. I’d hate for all of you to lose touch with one another. Any ideas on that one?
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