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Richard Moore

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Welcome To The New World Order FULL LENGTH FILM

(must see interview @ 1:32:35)

Janet Eaton wrote:
Hi Richard- I saw this some time ago when it was first posted and thought it was very good- I recall the interview with Rockefeller who was trying to involve Russo in high tech scheme to insert scanner chips in population so they could simply swipe their arms when passing through supermarket checkouts etc- and of course allow the banksters to control hapless citizens and global finance all the more easily.
At the time I had also read a lengthy critical report from somewhere in Europe about how this was all unfolding [within a NWO security framework] – not sure of name of report or where I filed it- was thinking about it recently and about Aaron Russo – I recall he died of cancer shortly after this came out and was wondering if that was engineered by the NWO elite somehow.
take care

Hi Janet,

It’s a very powerful interview, as regards making the case for the intentionality behind 9/11 and the NWO generally. Russo asks the questions most people would want to ask – Why are you doing all this, when you already have as much money and possessions as anyone could ever want? And he gives us that quote, revealing Nick Rockefeller’s fundamentally psychopathic perspective: Why do you care about those people? [that is, all of us]

Certainly whistle-blowers have been killed for a lot less, but it is also possible that Russo knew he was dying of cancer (naturally-occurring or otherwise) before he gave the interview, and therefore wasn’t risking much. The one scenario I seriously doubt is that he happened to come down with naturally-occurring cancer following the interview.



Shije Sollid wrote:
this just infuriates me. The banks planned to fail, we are all chumps.

Hi Shije,

We’ve all been chumps for thousands of years now. It’s about time we start doing something about it.



Revin Floyd wrote:

Oh Goodie!!! A New World Order!!! The current one kind of sucks

Hi Revin,

You jest, but such an attitude is part of the plan for bringing in the NWO. That’s why we’re getting the Zeitgeist / Thrive / Anonymous genre. The current regime is intentionally demonizing itself in the public mind. When the NWO is announced, it will be spun in such a way that it looks as if the banksters have been deposed, and all the evils are behind us. Ironically, Russo’s interview becomes part of that demonization narrative. 


Thomas Greco wrote:

It would be helpful if someone would extract the pertinent portion of that film. I’d like to include it as a short clip in my slide show presentations. It’s essential background that i try to provide as a lead-up to the solutions I propose.


Beyond Money: 

Hi Tom,

Perhaps one of our cyberjournal friends can help you out??