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Richard Moore

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Peter Koenig wrote:
Richard- thanks for this. I have always wondered what could be behind these circles and doubted that they were man-made. But the question remains still open where this energy comes from and who initiates it — and what message is behind the circles.

Hi Peter,
Yes, those are the interesting questions. Having just finished Not in His Image, I’d say that the Gnostic view would be that the Earth (Gaia/Sophia) is the creative entity involved with crop circles, and that the messages are about restoring harmony between Gaia and humanity. As the Gnostic method was based on repeatedly-verified direct perception, rather than ideology or theory, I’m happy to go along with their view until something more convincing comes along.


Larry Victor wrote:
THANK YOU RICHARD, this is by far the best presentation of Crop Circles that I have viewed. The pics are ordinary, but the explication of the phenomenon is outstanding. I would like to see hard data scientific reports of the phenomena described in the video. Do they publish their research studies? I dip periodically into the crop circle online sites but have yet to find scientific reports.
IMHO Crop Circles are the most significant evidence of CONTACT with an OTHER. That other may be the cosmic morphogenetic field, a coalition of GAIAs, or our own GAIA. Is there a message?
Although deep study of the phenomenon may lead to valuable insights, I feel the study of the patterns and their distributions is what is most important. The date/time and place/location of every crop circle, correlated with the “iconic value” of each crop circle pattern. may reveal primary patterns in the distributed message – which is probably not contained in each crop circle. Alternative coordinate systems for “time and place” must be explored to reveal the message. There may be “cultural” as well as geological dimensions involved. Are there correlations between crop circle events and other events on Earth? Also, how can the individual crop circle patterns be analyzed, and examine the temporal change of patterns over the years.
Is this message relevant to the survival or our GAIA and the continued emergence of the potential of humankind for the future emergence of Cosmos/Gaia? How critical is this message to our survival/thrival?
These should be studied in conjunction with the study of distributed random event generators influenced by human phenomenon. The study was coordinated at Princeton and shows a striking global emotional response of the random event generators during the moments of the 9/11 incident. I don’t have the references to this at my fingertips at this time. See the works of Dean Radin.

Hi Larry,
Thanks for your contribution to this discussion. As regards research studies, try Googling “crop circle scientific reports”. I tried it and several promising leads came up. I note, with agreement, that you included Gaia as one of the possible sources, and omitted ETs. I wouldn’t call Gaia an ‘Other’, however, and I think that our ‘oneness with Gaia’ is part of the crop-circle message. 
     Your suggestions re/ studying the patterns and their distribution makes a great deal of sense to me. They are clearly messages to us, and our job is to decipher them. Again, I think Google could yield some results for you. I’ve seen such studies, but I don’t have references to them at hand. Some of the patterns are very clear, and some are very subtle. The clear ones serve as language lessons, helping us to interpret the more subtle ones. As regards how critical the messages are, I think you know the answer to that yourself. The Earth is desperately trying to save us from the fatal error of our ways. 
     Physics can tell us about the physical energy fields involved in creating crop circles, but it can tell us nothing about the creative energy field that directs those physical energy fields. Crop circles are clearly a metaphysical phenomenon. By their very existence, they are telling us that metaphysics is real, and that the metaphysical world wants to communicate with us. I’d say we ignore that at our peril.


David Creighton wrote:

A great ‘overview’ and update!


Shije Sollid wrote:

I have always loved these!


Richard Cook wrote:

Absolutely beautiful. Obviously the product of extraterrestrial divine intelligence alerting all of us on Earth to the great changes underway.
Richard Cook 

Hi Richard C,
Obviously? Have you considered alternative interpretations?