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As you may have noticed, my cyberjournal postings have been getting less frequent. This is still where I post what I see as ‘significant essays’, but I’m now also using facebook a lot, to share ideas as they come up, and to engage in discussion threads with my ‘friends’ (the facebook equivalent of subscribers).

I know a lot of people are wary of facebook, but with today’s surveillance technologies, email isn’t any more private than facebook, as regards Big Brother watching you. It is SO much faster to post a link to facebook, than to send out an email posting, and the discussion thread feature makes it more participatory for subscribers / ‘friends’.

My ‘friends’ get an email notification of each posting, with a brief description and a link. And, you can turn off notifications if you like, and just visit my page whenever you want to see the recent postings.

So, if you want the ‘extended version’ of cyberjournal, please send a friend request to this page:

Richard Moore