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a new unifying model… 

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2012 and the New Age: a scientific perspective on Earth cycles

tasha wrote:
hi, richard. great hearing from you. this is simply stunning. thank you for sending

I’m glad you appreciated the synthesis, the picture revealed by the pieces. I started by sharing some ideas, and I think it ended up being the skeleton of a journal-publishable paper, perhaps in the plasma community, with an emphasis on explaining the glaciation cycle, and minus the consciousness part, for that community. 


Herb Kline wrote:
Hi Richard,
 Really interesting — not sure I fully understood all of it (any of it?) — but really interesting — thanx
P.S. was curious about the Yugas, something of which I was totally unaware — so, “googled” it — have not yet had/made time to check this out more fully — but, interesting
 Also, the same with “plasma cosmology” — in so doing, came across the following:
 not sure what to make of all this — but, interesting, nonetheless

I think it’s my language that makes it hard to understand, rather than the concepts themselves. Pictures would help a lot, particularly one that shows the galaxy, with a graphic for the plane of the disk, and showing the orbit the solar system goes around, while it also rotates around the center of the galaxy. And a graph of the glacial cycles would help, along with images of the petroglyphs, and perhaps some images of the archeological finds that indicate the existence of ancient civilizations.

As regards the Yugas, there are the things Yogananda said, based on claimed mystical insight, and there is the research the authors of The Yugas did, in documenting historical patterns. It would be easy for most people to dismiss mystical claims, but the historical patterns are relevant evidences that deserve consideration, even by fundamentalist materialists. One must be careful not to totally discount a source, just because we disagree with some elements of it.

As is usual with ‘debunking articles’, the ‘plasma cosmology is wrong’ article is through-and-through sophistic. It is designed not to refute the plasma model in an objective panel of inquiry, rather it is designed to reassure those who doubt the model, by giving them easy ways to reject it. 

It uses ad hominem arguments, cherry picks points from the model that are easy to unfairly ridicule, throws in all kinds of side-comments that dismiss the value of even considering the model, and generally puts forward what’s called a ‘hatchet job’. When you look at what they actually say logically, it’s not a refutation at all. The website Real Science does exactly this kind of thing with regard to global warming. Most people don’t read the articles; just to see the title of an article, “X refuted”, is enough for them to dismiss any argument for X.

Feel free to ask questions, if you have any interest in understanding the model.


jackson davis wrote:
Dear Richard,
If it’s “Spring,” how come it’s still fucking cold out here. LOL
What is it going to take for your theory to gain wide acceptance?

My inversion of the meaning of Winter is an attempt to dramatize the parochial nature of our perspective, those of us who are living on ground that will soon be once-again covered by glaciers. We are the in-between people, those who restart after civilizations collapse, and become sprouts of cultures that will exist (elsewhere, closer to the equator) in the next 100-millennia glacial era. At a mere 6-millennia in age, our civilizations are barely ready to be repotted yet. 

I am not seeking for these ideas to go mainstream, either publicly or in science circles. I’m only interested in seeking truth and sharing, and conversing, with those who are interested. My go-mainstream energies are focused on the awakening of democratic empowerment. 


David Creighton wrote:
Fascinating. This compendium is damaged however, but equating a return of glaciers to “Spring” and an inter-glacial period as “Winter”, n’est-ce pas? (We normally think of them the other way around, seasonally speaking.) I will hold on reinvesting in fossil fuel companies a little longer yet.

The winter equinox is about death and rebirth, not just in Christianity, but in cultures all around the world, past and present. And the inter-galacial period is indeed a time of death and rebirth for humanity. 
The Chinese mark spring by the first visible sign of new life, blossoms on the plum tree. My ‘Spring’ is the first visible sign of the new age, as marked by the Mayans, the time when climate begins its rapid descent to the next ice age. (AGW mythology would be funny, if it weren’t so dangerous).


Janet Hicks King wrote:
“outside the box” thinking… can be very stimulating ~ and creative thinking is much needed these days.
Thanks for the interesting ideas to think about, Richard – especially re consciousness… i.e. all pervasive or clustered…
~ Janet

Most of those ideas have been germinating for a while, and some of them have been shared on cyberjournal before. The ‘new ah-ah’ that sparked the current synthesis, was the explanation for the periodic inter-glacial periods. I always wondered, when looking at the temperature record, where do those big impulses of energy come from, that start and stop abruptly, and stay for only a brief time?

The crossing of the plane fits the bill as a candidate energy source for a brief time, and the timing is right, with the current crossing happening along with the current inter-glacial period. The part about ‘tuning into the galactic frequency’ didn’t occur to me until I was writing the posting, but that could explain the abruptness of the rise and fall of temperature. If you simply drift in and out of a non-coherent energy field (like a fire), you would expect a more bell-shaped curve. If the energy has coherence (like a radio wave), then you can expect more abrupt responses, depending on alignment and resonance with field. 

It’s not all pervasive or clustered, it’s all pervasive and clustered, just like the distribution of matter in the universe. The consciousness model goes deeper than what I said in the posting. The full model says that consciousness is really all there is, and the universe as we know it is a kind of ongoing improv theater hologram, by actors (us incarnated spirits) who think it’s real, the whole thing serving the evolution of consciousness itself. 

Looking forward to our get-together.


Peter König wrote:
Fantastic story richard. Thanks. Well thought out concludions. Though other combinations are possible too… Dont have one ready yet, but will do. Cheers. Peter 

Promises, promises 🙂 Seriously, I’d love to see another combination. 


Radical Press wrote:
Please remove my email address from all of your accounts.
Given the urgency of today’s global predicament I find your rhetoric not only repulsive but a hindrance to truth.
And please spare me from any additional commentary as well.
Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

It may be good to keep ones nose to the grindstone, in pursuing worthwhile endeavors, but one must also take time to smell the flowers. For me, that involves learning new things about the world. 


Molly Morgan wrote:
Oh, wow, Richard! This is fascinating!! So glad you are coming to the States soon. 🙂

Me too, there are lots of tasty events in the works. It’ll be good to have a chance to compare notes with you; it’s been quite a while, with many adventures for both of us in between. I still remember that great tour you organized for me, and especially the surprise contra dancing in the Grange Hall.


Jeremy Taylor wrote:
In summary: fractal resonance. It’s beautiful. I’m sold.

Cool. I like the way you identify a central principle.


Howard Switzer wrote:
Ties in the Tao as well, the two poles.

All truths are compasses pointing to the same reality. 


larry victor wrote:
Nice imaginings Richard. I’ve always liked the plasma model. I think stars need to be partly thermonuclear for our model of atom production in the periodic table. We still need a model for matter even if EM is dominant. I speculate that plasmas can organize as nested hierarchies, holarchies of systems within systems within systems which James Greer Miller considers the fundamentals of Living Systems. Are stars alive? The sponge-like distribution of galaxies in the universe hints that the whole cosmological system may also be alive. Add to this that temporality may be multi-dimensional and we have something rather different than we expected.

Back in the sixties, as an undergraduate, I did some programming for a group of research physicists at Stanford. They were thinking about how one might create controlled nuclear fusion, and the method they were looking at was to use a high-energy plasma, to energize, compress, and contain the reaction. 
This would suggest that a star could be a plasma container, energized from the galactic grid, which is controlling a thermonuclear reaction inside. The thermonuclear reaction then gives off the radiation we need, in the case of the sun, and creates the heavy elements, in the case of more dramatic stars. 
The evidence I referred to, against the thermonuclear model, was evidence that showed the surface of the sun was at a higher energy level than the interior. That evidence is consistent also with this dual model, because the plasma would need to be at a higher energy level, in order to be able to act as a container for the reaction.
thanks for improving the model,

pavondreger wrote:
Fascinating !!  
I certainly “resonate” to it, although I cannot follow the “science” of the proposition.
Thank you, Richard. You keep my/our life ‘very exciting’  in an otherwise miserable period of systems’ collapse.
I look forward to replies from ‘scientists’ and others in the group.
Cheers from down under !

all the best to you too,