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Richard Moore

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This may only be of interest to a few of you. It’s something I found lurking in my mind when I awoke this morning, and it ties together the Yugas, plasma cosmology, consciousness research, ancient-civilization archeology, the significance of 2012, the oscillation of the solar system across the plane of the galactic disk, and the climate cycle: ice ages interrupted by brief inter-glacial periods. 

Think of this as a ‘what if?’ experiment. If these puzzle pieces are right, this is the picture we get by putting them together. If the picture matches reality, then the puzzle pieces deserve a bit of individual consideration and investigation.

The first piece is plasma cosmology. In this model, quite unlike the ‘standard model’, the primary forces in the universe are electrical and electromagnetic, and gravity is of relatively minor consequence. The galaxy being a relatively flat disk, for example, is what you expect from things rotating in a magnetic field; same goes for the solar system. Only the middle zone of the north-south polarity can provide a stable position for satellite magnetic fields. And the disk is not a shape that makes sense when gravity is the primary force involved. Also keep in mind that a cheap little magnet can overpower the gravity of the whole Earth, when it picks up a piece of metal. Imagine the amount of concentrated mass you would need, to pull a piece of metal away from the Earth by means of gravity.

In the plasma model there is no need to assume dark matter or a big bang, both of which are desperate attempts to match the effects of gravity with the reality of a universe that does not behave in gravity-like ways. Perhaps the most radical of the conclusions one reaches, when one works with the plasma model, is a totally different perspective on the energy of the sun.

At different times, people thought the sun was a giant fire, a very hot rock, and now they think its a thermonuclear furnace. It turns out there’s lots of evidence against the thermonuclear model. In the plasma model, stars are confluence points in the flow of electromagnetic energy as it buzzes throughout the galaxy. The energy doesn’t come from within the sun, it converges on the sun via the galactic magnetic field. The sun is basically like a a radiator, in a house with central heating. The buzzing galactic energy is given out, via the Sun, as heat and light. Or we might say the sun is like a transformer center, on a power grid, converting high-voltage power from afar, into the frequencies that we need, from the infrared up through the ultraviolet. 

The solar system as a whole travels through a local orbit, inclined to the galactic plane, taking a path that oscillates above and below the galactic plane, while also oscillating closer to and further from the galactic center. 

As we oscillate closer and further relative to the galactic center, we get a long-range ebb and flow of incoming galactic energy, and this matches with the Yuga cycles. Those two pieces fit right together, along with a third piece, re/ consciousness. This piece is the theory that consciousness pervades the universe. As one physicist put it, “The stuff of the universe is mind stuff”. In ancient cultures, spirits are alive everywhere, and God, they say, is everywhere. In any case, let’s see what kind of picture this piece leads to. 

If there is some kind of ‘consciousness field’, then I would expect it to be ‘where the action is’. It wouldn’t be out in space somewhere, while the rest of the energy of the universe is clustering around in galaxies and star systems. The ebb and flow of galactic energy isn’t just electromagnetic, there’s consciousness energy in the mix as well, says this piece, echoing the Yuga piece.

Now let’s consider the oscillation of the solar system across the plane of the galactic disk. Here we don’t get a smooth ebb and flow of galactic energy. Instead we are outside the plane most of the time, and we make two brief crossings of the plane, one going up, and one going down, as we look at the disk from outside. During the brief crossings we are in direct alignment with the galactic energy grid, the sun goes suddenly up to max energy, and we get our brief inter-glacial period, which arises and declines very rapidly – like when you tune in a radio station. Either you’re off frequency and get nothing, or you’re on frequency and it all comes rushing in.

We think of ice ages as bad times, and the historical age as the good times, as regards climate. That’s a very parochial viewpoint. Imagine yourself living in a civilization near the end of the last ice age, somewhere near the equator. A civilization that might have been going for 50,000 years, say, in comparison to our juvenile 6,000 year old civilization. The rapid ending of the ice age – caused by the sudden tuning-in to galactic energy – brings the end of our 50,000 year old civilization. 

First the Earth is hit by a sudden blast of electromagnetic energy – like lightning bolts into a power grid. The Earth’s magnetic field is energized “beyond it’s rated limit”, so to speak. The sky comes alive with global aurora borealis on steroids. This is depicted in petroglyphs all around the globe. The earth is blasted with high energy waves, microwaves and all sorts. Physics models of such events have indicated one would need to be well protected by rock, and underground, to survive. Hello, periodic DNA bottleneck.

And then come the floods. For a thousand years the glaciers come tumbling down, sometimes steadily, and sometimes in massive releases that send mile high waves around the globe. We battered survivors then rebuild civilization from scratch, in the wake of the melting glaciers. We assume we’ve invented the wheel for the first time, and that only savages fighting mastodons came before. And indeed it may be the arctic dwellers that we have descended from, as they were making a life on the glaciers themselves, rather than in the deadly global flood plain with everyone else who survived the period of fatal radiation. 

Now let’s consider the two oscillations in combination. On one of the crossings of the plane, the solar system will be moving toward the galactic center, and on the other crossing of the plane, the solar system will be moving further away. 2012 marks the end of a crossing (we are in the endgame of this inter-glacial period), and this is a crossing where the solar system is moving closer to the galactic center. It is easy to see why the Mayans would choose 2012 as the symbolic moment to mark the beginning of a new age, an age of increasing consciousness energy. 

It’s like Spring writ large. Winter is over, that stormy inter-glacial episode that brought the end of great civilizations. As all that glacial melt-water returns to its normal life as glaciers, over the next thousand years, the seas will roll back and open up vast new fertile ground, repatriating all the minerals that have washed down to the sea during wintertime. We’ll be moving closer to the galactic energy fields, our consciousness will be increasing, and Winter the Reaper won’t come again for another 100,000 years. 
It is up to us whether we can end this story, “And they lived happily ever after”.