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Richard Moore

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I’ve got my tour pretty much scheduled now. I’m very happy with it, although it’s mostly 1-1 visits, rather than the kinds of events I was hoping for. One of the highlights will be a get-together with Foster Gamble and Jim Fadiman, which I’m quite looking forward to. Also I’ll be giving a talk at an evening event at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Sebastopol on May 17th. Perhaps some of you can be there. I’ve got 90 minutes, for talk plus Q&A, so I’ll plan on a shorter talk, and leave time for breakout discussions, if the room is right for that. Here’s how it’s being billed (I didn’t write it):

RICHARD KELLY MOORE ~ Where things are heading, what the global crisis is really about, and what We the People can do about it.
Potluck dinner followed with a presentation by one of our most creative mathematicians and software problem solvers, who cashed out of Silicon Valley before its collapse, and now enjoys studying from Europe our amazing American saga.

Here my schedule, in case I might be passing by where you are and we could meet up. For May, the first half will be visiting family on Kauai, and the second half I’ll be visiting family in the SF Bay Area. For April, here’s the approximate itinerary:
Ashland: 15-16 (event being planned)
     Eugene: 17-18
     Seattle: 19-20
     Nanaimo: 23-24
     Victoria: 25-26