re-2/ convergence tour


Richard Moore

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I’ve gotten very little response so far to the tour announcement. I can understand very well why folks don’t want to get involved in organizing an event. So let me be more specific about what I’m looking for, and perhaps you can refer me to someone who is involved in a relevant activity.

I’m interested primarily in activist groups. Within a group, it would be either about resolving internal problems, or about reassessing strategy and strengthening focus. Among activist groups, it would be either about resolving conflicts, seeking ways to collaborate, or pooling ideas to come up with more effective activist strategies.

It seems to me there should be plenty of situations where activists are experiencing frustration. Our societies and economies continue to deteriorate, and what we’ve been doing, as activists, hasn’t been reversing these trends. The activists I know here in Ireland are in the process of re-evaluating what they’re about, and thinking about how they might work with other groups. I don’t think they are unique in thinking that new approaches are needed, in the face of this unprecedented global social crisis.

If you know anyone involved in activism, you might ask them how things are going, and see if their situation might be relevant to what I’m trying to do. If you find anything at all promising, we could talk about it, and see if it’s worth following up in one way or another.

i’m counting on you,