Announcing: West Coast Convergence Tour


Richard Moore

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I’ll be on the West Coast during most of April and May, and I’d like to arrange some events, of a certain kind, up and down the coast. I’m hoping some of you folks might help out, with leads, or with organizing. 

What I’m looking for are opportunities to help generate convergence, among groups, within groups, or within a community, particularly where strong disagreements exist. As you might guess, I’ll be using Dynamic Facilitation at these events. I’ve used DF in the past, and was amazed at how naturally convergence emerged. Here’s a description of the process, and a couple of good videos about how it works:

More than once, I’ve come across people who told me about problems, involving groups or a community, where DF would be able to make a difference. But when I make the suggestion, they typically say, “Oh no, those people will never agree, no use trying”. In fairness, they probably speak from long experience, of fruitless debates and unproductive meetings. But I also speak from experience, of what people are capable of, when they are able to really hear one another.

If you’re active in a group, or in your community, and there are problems or opportunities that could be dealt with – if only people could agree on a way forward – that could be a candidate for one of these events. The logistics are simple: it’s mostly a matter of finding a suitable room where a dozen or so people can meet for a day or two. If you’ve got a candidate event in mind, even a maybe, please contact me and we can talk about it.

This is all pro bono, by the way. My reward comes from being able to make a useful contribution.   

I hope I hear from some of you. Otherwise I’ll have to resign myself to a self-indulgent holiday in Springtime California  🙂