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Richard Moore

Bcc: FYI
I’d like to remind you that I won’t be continuing these negative postings on cyberjournal. I felt it would be inappropriate to let the End Times go unreported, but I don’t see much point in continuing. Events will unfold at a fast pace now (eg HAARP tornadoes), and those who have eyes to see will know what is happening. The rest might as well enjoy the bliss of ignorance until their own turn comes. 
M.A. Omas Schaefer wrote:
Hi Richard,
  Thanks for the sobering analysis.  Let us not forget the economic aspect of the depopulation agenda.  We are seeing artificially created commodity price increases, compliments of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and ICE (International Commodity Exchange).  The rigged increase in price of food commodities and petroleum will create mass starvation on an unprecedented scale.
  The current multi-pronged process is similar to the finale of a fireworks display.  They’re throwing everything at us… yet most of us think it’s just another show.

Hi Omas,
Yes, there’s the rigged economics, depleted uranium, GMO-poisoned foods, biofuels replacing food, phony pandemics and toxic vaccines, nuclear war on the way, and who knows what else. All enabled by sophisticated mind control techniques, where truth is seen as ‘conspiracy theory’. We’re in the final act of a Greek drama, where the hero (civilized humanity) is perishing due to his fatal flaw (hierarchy). 
Madeline Bruce wrote:
Thank you Richard.  It is so painful to comtemplate, but thank you – Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C.

Hi Madeline,
What is most painful to me is when I contemplate what this world could be like — a paradise for all. All of this is so pointless and unnecessary. 
erik andersen wrote:
Hello Richard;
Thanks for sharing your analysis.
  The commodification of humans has been discernable in the changes to taxation. The preparatory work for the carbon credit model has been consumption driven taxation such as VAT and HST.
  After this reading I need a full bottle of scotch.
 Regards from Erik

Hi Erik,
I’d say it’s been discernible for the past 6,000 years, when civilization began, based from the beginning on slavery. Since then only the nature of the chains, and the length of the leashes, have changed. 
Jim Fadiman wrote:
on a more local level , it is true that the Irish government banished GMO foods?
and did your candidate win or make a good showing?
as for the depopulation etc. just talking with biologist this morning. no need for any more specific disasters, the climate is destabilized and we only need to wait for a large percentage of humanity to perish. His question was only if any would remain.
best to you

Hi Jim,
Glad to see you back online. 

The Irish government has lost touch entirely with the Irish people. Now that the Greens are out of government, Ireland is embracing GM foods:

Your biologist friend is probably basing his prediction on the myth of Co2-caused global warming. In fact, the climate change we need to worry about, apart from HAARP-caused events, is rapid cooling:

Perhaps I’ll post a list of ‘myth vs. reality’ items, including the fact that there was no big bang. It would be a long posting. 

Jerold Hubbard wrote:
Dear Richard;
  Thanks so much for your postings and information!  I would just like to confirm what your saying about the depopulation of humans.  I have had contact with a former Military Counter-intelligence officer for over 15 years. we talk about 2 hours every week.  One thing I have learned from this relationship is one NEVER wants to assume that one knows which side someone is on!
  But, there is a common thread since the beginning and that is what one could call the Money Gods, International Bankers, or those in control of money, are working underneath the consciousness of the masses of mankind to engage in activities, everything from wars, or smaller conflicts, where they furnish the motive for division and the weapons to both sides, stand back and let them kill each other, to disease such as aids, and so called weather or earth related disasters, …all aimed at reducing population.  They especially like segragated removal!  
  But, to be honest with you and to see things from their side,  if you were in America, and tried preaching the fact that the earth’s surface resources and atmosphere can not handle or sustain the normal population growth rate that is occurring and that by stopping all abortions, and birth control you are actually contributing to more wars and sufferings, and the downfall of the entire system….one would want to have an exit plan because the majority of so called Christians in America would call you the Anti-Christ (Anti-Life) in the FLESH and persecute you and your opinion as if you deserve to go to HELL!
   Jerold Hubbard

Hi Jerold,
As regards the Money Gods, let me once again recommend Engdahl’s new book, Gods of Money. Every statement in the book is very carefully documented; no theories whatsoever. 
It is too bad you have fallen for the over-population myth. The Earth is mostly unoccupied. It is our resource usage patterns in the North that are causing all the problems. 
Patricia Tursi wrote:
what a rush to the past…..
Vera Lynn singing “We’ll meet again”
Cultural Anthropology, Ecology – The Kogi; “The elder brothers’ warning”

Another story re Vera Lynn…Tommy Farr was a 1940’s teenager.  Tall, thin, sweet,and  kind with an engaging smile.  He loved my sister and wrote to her, often.  Shortly after receiving word that his payroll jeep had been blown to bits after pulling off the road to allow another vehicle to pass, she received a letter from him.  He had written to tell  her to listen to this song because it expressed just how he felt…”I’ll Be Seeing You”.  

Hi Patricia,
Thanks your personal story, and for all the links. I particularly liked the Kogi video. I shared it on Facebook with my Wexford friends.
Sabine Kurjo McNeill wrote:
Thanks, Richard,
  I put it on a new blog We Who Oppose Deception…
  Nicely coincidental, your End Times with the Open Letter to Agents of the Crown!…

Hi Sabine,
Interesting blog!
jeff wefferson wrote [while forwarding the posting]:
NOTE FROM JEFF:  Many thanks to Richard Moore for this.  He makes an excellent point concerning the process of “active denial” in which people utilize the full spectrum of their creative powers to keep themselves uninformed or unaware of real-world issues that are somehow inconvenient to their habitual mind-set.  I see it every day and it seems to be getting worse, in direct proportion to the amount of heavy real-world things that are happening.  Unlike Richard, I am not moving away from dealing with denial and real-world heavy stuff, but like Richard, I am also moving more intensively into re-navigating the human process.  This is the name of a new blog I will be launching soon.  It’s first posting will be in honour of long-time cosmic artist/researcher Jose Arguelles, who “journeyed to Ixtlan” a couple of weeks ago.  The focus will be on creativity, consciousness and the “ultimate technology.”

Hi Jeff,
Yes, we seem to be getting a second-order denial effect. Once the reality of 9/11 has been denied, then there seems to be a knock-on effect where everything else that’s happening needs to be denied as well. On the other hand, once the reality of 9/11 is accepted, everything else falls obviously into place. So we have a huge split between the seeing and the blind, almost as big as the split between the US left and right. Hi-tech divide-and-rule.

Herb Kline wrote:
Hi Richard,
Glad to have you back
You mention, in your email, that regarding Haiti that “the US had a task force ready to invade before the earthquake even occurred” — I have no reason to disbelieve you on this (and certainly don’t disbelieve you on this), but could you point me in the direction of documentation on this — I’m thinking in terms of sharing such info with friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, fellow workers — and would like to be able to document such
  How soon (days? weeks? months?) before the earthquake occurred was this task force set up — and what was the purported reason for the setting up of such a task force?  Humanitarian relief? — the timing, of course, is critical, no matter the purported reason
  As for the twenty nuclear reactors in the US, just waiting for their own HAARP attacks, explain again, if you would, how the NWO could limit (focus?) the damage from such attacks, assuming they wanted to

Hi Herb,
As regards Haiti, here’s a good article by Chossudovsky:

I‘m not predicting that all twenty nuclear reactors will be attacked by HAARP. I would not try to predict exactly where and when disasters will be engineered. As with the tornadoes, they like to surprise us.
Sergio Lub wrote:
Dear Richard,
Have you figured out how the ones planning this extermination are planning to survive?
Have they developed resistance to Plutonium?
Are they human?
Love, Sergio

Hi Sergio,
If we consider 9/11, and someone asks, “Why would they do that to their own people?”, I can provide answers. As regards your question, I could only speculate. Some people claim there are vast underground cities for that purpose, but I haven’t seen any definite proof. We need to be careful that we don’t use such questions as a way to justify denial. Clearly they have some kind of scheme in mind, unless they’re suicidal, which I doubt. On the other hand, I do question the sanity of those who think genocide is a good idea. The question of whether Hitler was sane is exactly the same question as whether the Rockefellers are sane. My comment would be similar for the next two contributions below.
Barbara Samardich wrote:
My question is, if we destroy the planet’s environment, where are the Powers behind the throne going to live?  Great articles.  Arn Samardich

Vera Bradova wrote:
Richard, you are not making sense. Radiation is an equal opportunity killer. That’s the last thing these people want. They want a plague which they think they can duck.
  Best —


Diana Skipworth wrote:
Dear Richard,
I would agree the darkness is closing in.
Although not a religious person, I live my life by the 23rd Psalm, where “I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death” describes the years walking the Earth as a human being.

Hi Diana,
The 23rd Psalm was written after exploitive civilization began. For most of human history, hundreds of thousands of years, life was not that way.
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