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Sorry to be so long in posting, but I’ve found it hard to tap into any creative energy, or to sit long at the computer. By the time I look at my incoming emails, I feel like taking a break. That in itself is depressing, as I have this need to ‘be productive’. My energy is beginning to return however, with long walks everyday and also from reducing the dosages of my meds.
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Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a TV break. I had no idea Obama was going to make a speech, but for some reason I decided to break my normal TV routine and went to the BBC News channel. Lo and behold, the announcer was saying that soon there would be a very important speech by Obama. Was that a coincidence?? I don’t think so. In any case I watched the speech, and listened with two different ears. One ear inside the matrix and the other outside. Inside the matrix, where cave dwellers bring down skyscrapers with paper airplanes, Obama sounded ever so heroic. Outside the matrix, where one opens ones eyes, I could hardly keep from vomiting. Fortunately I don’t need to write about the total hypocrisy of the speech, because someone has already done that:

But the hypocrisy is easy to write about. More interesting, I think, is what Obama was actually announcing. He announced that the US was now going to pursue regime change on a routine basis, using human rights as a hypocritical excuse, and it was gong to work directly with ‘civil society’ groups and ignore the governments involved. Of course the US has been doing this already for decades, but now it will be overt rather than covert. And of course there’s a distinction between different ‘kinds’ of governments. In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, there is no question of regime change, but only ‘working toward improvement’. While in Syria and Libya, which are much better on human rights, the leaders ‘must go’. But here I stray into ‘hypocrisy’. And speaking of hypocrisy, I came closest to vomiting when Obama talked of ‘human rights’, and I couldn’t help thinking of Guantanamo, renditions, and TSA. All of this is part of the installation of the New World Order, which inside the matrix doesn’t even exist. Go figure.
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Shije Sollid wrote:
Thanks Richard,
Good work exposing normalcy bias. Wake people up.

Vera Gottlieb wrote:
There are soooooooo many with their heads firmly entrenched in the sand!

Yes, we’ve talked about this a lot over the years, about the ostrich / denial phenomenon, and we’ve looked at some of the psychological research that’s been done. My latest view on this is based on the fact that we are social animals. For most normal people, believing different than your peers amounts to an anti-social act, almost an aggressive act. So ironically, it’s us misfits, us Asperger-syndrome types, who are most willing to face the truth, and also the least likely to be listened to!
Harvey Jones wrote:
Hi Richard
I am pleased that you are still alive and kicking.  I did receive this message below, but have missed the previous couple of messages which have expired on the way to NZ.  A follow up on the web picked up the various threads which passed me by..
Their activity on the world stage takes another step forward today with Obama gets Osama.  I find it amazing that the world celebrates the method by which a pre-defined terrorist is involved in a fire fight, and is then executed, transferred to Afghanistan and then dropped into the ocean (burial at sea).  Good for message management and propaganda systems but doesn’t really fit the supposed bastion of democracy and free speech.  I note that there is also no mention whatsoever of the conspiracy theories surrounding 911.
Meanwhile the other activities create disasters around the world.  Christchurch in NZ is levelled by an earthquake centred on the city centre.  While the earthquake size seemed to be only a modest 6.6, this scale is related to the length of the rift and its total energy.  The actual quake had an acceleration force of 2.2 times that of gravity so that heavy items were thrown up in the air.  No chance in hell of brick and rock building surviving this in an area where no fault was known about in the past.
The event in Japan is well controlled media wise.  Online gieger counters and their historic data disappear as soon as they are located.  While the radiation plumes may rise in the air and circulate in the northern hemisphere this year, the tonnes of heavily radiated water is in the ocean and will circulate around the Pacific Ocean over the next few years.  I understand that NZ may see the effects as soon as next year (2012).  There are various stories about HAARP and its involvement in Japan on YouTube video sites.
Political games seem to be in progress at present as well.  While the world is centred on royal wedding, execution of Obama and various other activities set up for local country attention the games can continue behind the scenes without media or public attention.
A typical example has just occured in NZ where a right wing ACT party with a coalition agreement with the current centre right government (National party) has just had a leadership change within a week.  What makes this an outstanding change is that the new leader, Don Brash was previously a the governor of the NZ Reserve bank, then became the prime minister as leader of the National party.  He has money connections and is not currently an MP at all, but has managed to take over the ACT party and seems to be pulling strings on who the ministers will be.
Some of us are awake, but a little scared on how things are changing so fast.  meanwhile the public follow the media line, hook, line and sinker.
I agree that we need to pay attention in our own areas and get our affairs in order so that we can emerge out of the inevitable chaos ahead.
Take care and good luck for the future.
I will need to keep a watch on your various web pages to see what else emerges.  i can no longer trust the arrival of your email messages.
 All the best

Hi Harvey,
Thanks for your observations. As regards the “We got Osama” scam, the big question is, Why Now? Some say it’s a convenient kick-off for Obama’s re-election campaign. Perhaps. My own feeling is that we need to consider it in the context of the recent string of apocalyptic HAARP-operations (tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.) In that apocalyptic context, we may be in for a major, bigger-than-911 false-flag event — such as the nuking of an American city —  where we’ll be told that Al Qaeda is ‘getting revenge’ for the ‘death of their martyr’. 
as usual, hoping i’m wrong,
Dion Giles wrote, 
re: IMF chief Strauss-Kahn caught in “Honey Trap”
Thank heaven at least somebody doesn’t swallow this contrived story aimed at nobbling Strauss-Kahn.  Such a tired old technique for getting rid of a high flying opponent.  The Lewinsky/Clinton affair, the Spitzer affair — the list goes back for centuries.  Mind, there are times when there really is sexually corrupt behaviour – Berlusconi comes to mind.
There was a high profile Australian case when the then Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, went out on a limb to confront the South African racist regime (a stand from which he never retreated).  The Boers hated him, and during that period he stayed overnight at a Memphis motel during an official visit to the USA.  He woke in the morning to find his trousers had been stolen and the woman who had shared his bed for an hour had vanished.  Stupid of him, but the fingerprints of the South African Bureau of State Security were all over it.
 Regards, Dion.

Hi Dion,
Yes, this is another of those psychological mysteries. You can start an illegal war, in which many thousands will die, and only us malcontents get upset. But if you get caught with your pants down, in what’s likely to be a sting, then everyone wants to join the lynch mob. Another reason why people are so easy to enslave. Baahh, Baahh, lead us to the showers.
Peggy Conroy wrote:
  All these comments remind me of mathematition John Nash’s story portrayed in the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”, As you may remember, he was plagued with schizophrenia all his life, with functioning interludes which eventurally  brought him a Nobel Prize. The most interesting part of his story to me was the fact that his mental problems retreated when he quit working for the CIA and he stopped worrying about having to save the world from communism.
True, all of what you and your people are worrying about is real, however, every indivudual has to find a niche of personal happiness in the world, contribute a bit to it for the sake of those to come, and perhaps those niches will grow in some spots as they die in others. But somehow the fossil record shows that there will always be niches and they will always be filled, whatever the civilization or lack of that prevails.
  Best to you always,
Peggy Conroy–horse breeder, rider, geologist, etc…..
West Chazy, NY

Hi Peggy,
Interesting philosophy, a ‘niche of personal happiness’. Rings true for me, here in Wexford. ‘Beautiful Mind’ was fascinating. I got the impression that his schizophrenia was simply a matter of his dream circuits being on the in the daytime. Were they mental problems or mental entertainments? And in the film they suggested he realized the illusion when he noticed that the girl never aged. And why do you say ‘you and your people’? Are you excluding yourself?
Brian Hill wrote:
what are you gonna do now Richard?  I’m tired to reading and posting the same old news and most interested in exemplifying whatever sustainability/community I can. 

Hi Brian,
It seems you also are following Peggy’s philosophy. I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna do. I feel I’m in transition. As with you, ‘the same old stuff’ no longer makes sense. I’m focusing more on relaxing and having fun. Engaging more and more locally, and taking more time to ‘be with’ people. My daughter sent me a book after my heart attack, “Stress Free for Good”, and I’m finding its exercises very sensible. I’m making plans to visit friends in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and France. Looking forward very much to a visit by my brother this Fall. 
The little conversation circle I organized is continuing and we’re aiming for a community event in September, where we’ll be asking people to come up with ideas about making Wexford more ‘collapse proof’. This process has been quite a learning experience for me, quite the opposite of my experience with ‘project management’ in Silicon Valley. Lots more ‘going with the flow’, and meandering, and lack of urgency. Letting progress just ‘happen’. 
I saw the most brilliant movie of all time last night! As in Heaven, a Swedish film. It’s about opening hearts, and it has fantastic music, non-trained actors, and I came out with an opened heart. (of course such satoris are usually temporary, but brilliant nonetheless). MUST SEE!
I do miss putting energy into writing. I invite ideas about what kind of writing would be useful to people. Don’t be shy, all you wonderful folks out there!