re/ ETM: Chapter 6 – Envisioning a transformational movement


Richard Moore

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Brian Hill wrote:

Family based culture vs class based culture seems to me to be a very useful way to look at our world today. As family based culture has contracted from family based bands and tribes, and have been increasingly replaced by hierarchical class divisions, competition, exploitation, male dominance, materialism, … have replaced the unity of family based culture, and along with it co-operation, qualitative values, spiritualism, reciprocity, trust, faith, hope…
Have you found any writings comparing family based vs class based culture?
Can the revitalization of family based cultures replace the failing class based world?

I certainly resonate with the value of family. And I see the family as being under attack by social engineering projects, as described in New Order of Barbarians. At the same time, family dynamics also lead to aristocracy, kings, dynasties, etc. Don’t have answers to your questions, sorry.


jackson davis wrote:

Dear Richard,
I thought you might be interested in this in view of reissuing your book via email:

Thanks, I bought a copy of the book and read it. It has some interesting insights. I don’t see it as a transformational paradigm.