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Richard Moore

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Jerold Hubbard wrote:

I like your introduction very much, especially the part where you changed your perspective from trying to convert others to your side, to trying to improve the window they look through! This approach does NOT make clones out the masses…..BUT allows DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUALITY to continue….BUT with renewed SYNERGISTICAL LINKS between the diverse individuals! This approach prevents one from creating sides or drawing lines in the sand so to speak which naturally inbreeds division! I hope you can continue this work while increasing your audience! 
Jerold Hubbard, Pest Creator, alias….Grass Roots Farmer

Thanks for your comments. There’s a quote from Bob Dylan that mystified me for many years. He said,  “… I became my enemy, in the moment that I preached.” I couldn’t reconcile this with the value I had gotten from Dylan’s preaching, as in Masters of War, Blowing in the Wind, etc. Finally I got it – the problem is not what people believe, but rather the fact that they follow leaders, like a herd of sheep. That’s why Nietzsche talks about ‘herd mentality’. And that’s why Dylan didn’t want to feed into that syndrome. 

There’s a lesson in this for popular movements, if we want to create a democratic society, a society in which we control our own destinies. It’s not the program that is important. Rather it’s the process out of which the program emerges. It’s not about convincing anyone of anything; rather it’s about all of us listening to one another – especially those we don’t agree with – and figuring out together what is best for all of us. If we don’t trust that to work out, then we don’t believe in democracy, and we’ll get whatever future our pathological masters have in store for us.


Jim Fadiman wrote:

sad to notice that things you said in 2005 are more true today, with the world in far worse shape because of the same forces. 

Yes indeed. There is little I’d change in the book if I were to attempt an updated version. As regards both The Problem and The Solution my understanding is still about the same. And as you say, the trends are for the worse. There is however one significant change in my understanding of The Problem, and that is reflected here in the Foreword:

 [our political and economic elites] are irrevocably committed to holding on to the reigns of power, and maintaining the current system – regardless of the environmental and social consequences.      emphasis added

Back in 2005 I hadn’t yet understood about the plans for a post-capitalist, post-nationalist new world order. Since then I’ve published two articles on the NWO, giving two different perspectives on what it is likely to mean:

Those articles present things in an historical perspective. I think this is important. When you see that ‘they’ have been doing major social & geopolitical engineering for a very long time, then it isn’t so easy to dismiss as a ‘conspiracy theory’ that which I now point to. Here is one source’s claims about the NWO  and I’d say the best evidence for taking it seriously is the number of its predictions that have come true:

They aren’t going to ram the NWO down our throats with bayonets. Rather we (all us progressives) are going to demand they install it! As capitalism is intentionally put on overdrive, and more and more mainstream commentators begin pointing out its evils, progressives will be demanding deep economic change – an economy that takes the environment into account. They’ll get what they ask for, but they’ll be sorry they asked:

We are definitely now in the endgame. There are no popular movements, apart from those led from above. And every time you see some major event that is shocking, that is unprecedented, that pushes the envelope of ‘what is normal’ – you are seeing an orchestrated step toward the NWO

ISIS? – a joint venture of US intelligence & Saudi funding, the purpose of which is to create an excuse for a sovereignty-trumping NWO military force. Paris? – they will need martial law and curtailment of freedom to manage the transition, and so it’s important to get people to see value in such a regime. Paris was the EU’s version of 9/11, orchestrated by the same folks, and I’m not talking about Muslims.