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Richard Moore

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James McCumiskey wrote:
Engineered migrant crisis in Europe and uncontrolled immigration into US are designed to weaken national solidarity to weaken the nation state.
Sweden has almost destroyed itself with uncontrolled immigration — with immigrants hostile to native culture.
No borders being a key part of NWO
However I am optimistic — I believe NWO will fail

Hi James,

Everywhere and at every level, we are seeing programs of destabilization. Wars that have no other point but to create chaos. Orchestrated financial collapses. The creation of ever more poverty. Through destabilization the building site is being cleared, to enable the creation of a new system. 

In particular it is necessary to destabilize cultures. Cultures are the flywheels, the stabilizing factors in our day-to-day lives, our ways of interacting with one another. When our cultures fall apart we lose the fabric of civil society; we have only the state to maintain order for us. See: The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order

Massive immigration, particularly when religious differences are part of the picture, is one way our cultures are being destabilized. In Paris we see this card being played to the hilt.


Jay Fenello wrote:
Hi Richard,
How do you envision a “resource-based” economy, and how does it differ from capitalism?

Hi Jay,

Capitalism is about investment, entrepreneurism, growth, and wealth accumulation. It is implicitly based on the assumption that growth can go on forever. Once growth stops, the whole era of capitalism becomes one huge economic bubble. We are now in the midst of a slow-motion, orchestrated collapse of that bubble. 

Whereas in a capitalist economy a corporation has growth targets, in a resource-based economy it has production quotas. Instead of market forces you have ‘scientific resource allocation’. Shadows of the Soviet model. 

This kind of economy is one part of a more general paradigm called Technocracy. Rule by experts, and guess who appoints the experts? … the new boss, same as the old boss. Here’s an informative video:


Sergio Lub wrote:

Hi Richard,
I can see why you came to those conclusions but I do not see Russia defending corporate interests around the world like our military has been doing since WWII.  Look at how Putin nationalized his oil and kicked away GMOs. He is the nemesis for multinationals.
Here is is the best article I found so far explaining the forces at work: The Re-enserfment of Western Peoples — by Paul Craig Roberts
Big hug,
Sergio Lub

Hi Sergio,

Being a policeman on the world stage is not equivalent to defending corporate interests. To be sure, the USA used its assumed police powers for decades (while the growth bubble continued) in order to extend corporate interests. But in recent decades (as the bubble deflates) it has been using those powers for destabilization purposes instead. Investors are not flocking to Libya.

In Georgia, the Ukraine, and in Syria, Russia has been using its clout in support of stabilization, rather than destabilization. This is in stark contrast to the US and NATO. They are the old order; Russia’s actions, as she begins brandishing a policeman’s club, are telling us something about the New Order. 

Russia is modeling, I would say, good police behavior. Her interventions make sense; they are in the interests of the local people, and they tend to accomplish their objectives. As the US collapses and falls into disrepute, the Russian example will be used to sell us on the idea of a strong UN military, one which trumps national sovereignty.

The US has had a certain image in the world, as a Great Nation, a Strong Power, a Defeater of Fascism, a Giver of Aid. Not everyone has bought into this image, but a lot have. This image must be destabilized, as part of bringing in the new order. The US, along with capitalism, must be brought into disrepute.

Which brings us to the likes of Paul Craig Roberts. His ‘revelations’ about the nature of free trade agreements are about 20 years late. He’s an establishment character through-and-through and his job now is to help burst the American Dream bubble. He pretends to call for armed rebellion – who does he thing he’s kidding?


jackson davis wrote:

We’re certainly having a hotter than usual Fall here in Upstate New York. have you looked into the “Climate Change” research recently. Check out this video from Dr. Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona. Scary stuff.

Hi Jackson,

Like most so-called climate research, this Guy is simply talking about the imaginary things that would happen if greenhouse gases were responsible for climate change. In fact the warming of the past 200 years has been entirely natural, following long-established patterns. In this graph we can see how far the greenhouse models are diverging from reality:

The purpose of his talk is to frighten people into accepting the planned technocratic future.


Milton Block wrote

Richard Moore,
Are you saying the old NWO is still being orchestrated by someone(s) and is likely to be successful? If so, by whom and for what purpose? Or perhaps not as more of us wake up!
Russia and China and the BRICS members certainly are working towards a new Financial structure…. A MAJOR CHANGE. When combined with the removal of OBAMA and re-introduced GLASS STEAGALL legislation … there is a REAL chance of a “NWO” or say, NEW PARADIGM, based on Mutual Benefit…Continue as the BRICS are doing and add in major infrastructure and technology projects to bring us up to date, and we could see a new Golden Age!

Hi Milton,

You say that more of us are waking up. I interpret that as meaning that an increasing number of people are losing faith in the existing order and are wishing for something new. I say, be careful what you wish for. This kind of ‘waking up’ has nothing to do with anyone becoming wiser. Rather it is the intended result of a shift in the propaganda we are being subjected to, as I’ve been describing above.

The NWO is a global social engineering project. Previous social engineering projects, by the same ruling dynasties, have included the two world wars, and the Nazi and Soviet experiments. We should no longer be surprised by such projects.

As for a new Golden Age, that would be quite achievable, as you suggest – if we had anything to say about it. Unfortunately those in charge have their own ideas about what makes for a Golden Age.