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Peter Koenig wrote:
My simple response to Jim McGregor:
Judging from all I have heard and read – obviously not in the mainstream media -I have no doubt that you are right.
Just a minor correction to your “The New World Order is Not Far Off” — the New World Order is well and kicking – and we are in the midst of it and don’t even realize it. That’s how it works. By the time a majority realizes what has happened over the last 30 years – its too late. Its always been like this – and it works.
Until a critical mass of us awakens to a new consciousness.

Hi Peter,
I agree with you, that the NWO is already operating. The sovereign assumption of bank liabilities (the bailouts) was the final surrender to the bankster clique, our heads of state behaving like conquered rulers, bowing before their new king, offering their treasures in tribute. Already we have bankster agents installed as heads of state in Italy and Greece, and in Ireland bankster agents (the ‘Troika’) sit in Dublin and dictate to the government. 
     What is the new consciousness you talk about, and why would it make any difference?


Herb Kline wrote:
Hi Richard,
Many thanx for your dialoging with Foster, and he with you — it is all most encouraging — and, in fact, exciting —
and I’m sure that you are right that so much more could be accomplished in face to face dialoging, and “choice creating”, rather than via the written word, through which, by the way, you (and he) have already accomplished much, by way of clarifications — and openness
I hope that Foster takes you up on your proposal
Herb Kline

Hi Herb,
It’s been six days, and I haven’t heard anything from Foster. I know he’s super busy, but if he’s as interested in reaching mutual understanding as his previous messages indicate, I’d have thought he would at least have sent off a ‘will respond later’ message. 


Realpolitik 101
Dave Patterson wrote:
– great cartoon and summary – and your last line ‘they don’t seem to understand that engaging with the dogs is a waste of time’ is about as perfect an ‘in a nutshell’ summary of ‘our’ problem (those of us trying to ‘fix’ things) as could be made.

Hi Dave,

‘Engaging with the dogs’ is working within the regime. What we need is regime change.
Jim Fadiman wrote:
“They don’t seem to get it, that engaging with the dogs is a waste of time.” Aa brilliant summary of the problem that obscures the path to the solution.

Hi Jim,
I think we should say path to ‘a’ solution. I’m convinced that a solution is yet to be created, and that the creative process involved, if we can figure out how to get it started, will itself be the seeds of the solution.
Bo Ahlström wrote:

Hi Richard,
I do have some feedback to your latest posting, Realpolitik 101. I eagerly read everything that William Engdahl writes, I find his writings to have a very high degree of credibility. I have not read anything by Jim Macgregor yet, but will certainly change that. In return I can give you a Swedish name, Jüri Lina, in case you have not heard of him before. You can find him at
I think that I can cite you when I write that I can also testify, from personal knowledge, that his integrity is impeccable.
I wish you the very best of luck in your good work!

Hi Bo,
Thanks for the link.

thinking about pre-history…
Stephanie McDowall wrote, re/ reconstruction of ancient computer:


Stephanie McDowall wrote:
You may have seen this already and commented on this documentary.
Personally, I feel I got a lot out of viewing this.
Interested in your opinion if you have time.

Hi Steph,
As with Zeitgeist, the doc presents some very interesting revelations about the current system. And, as with Zeitgeist, the bottom line message is disempowering. Individuals ‘thinking positive energy’ is not going to help anything. Zeitgeist is for lefties and technophiles, and The Awakening is for new-agers – each guided into their own cul-de-sac. 


History Of ‘New Energy’ Invention Suppression Cases
Gary Vesperman wrote:
The fourth edition is available in my website It includes 95 cases of energy invention suppression.
More suppression cases are in
The most recent instance of suppression was when the prototype of Ken Rasmussen and his group’s over-unity electric motor/generator was stolen last June three days before they were to display it at a clean energy technologies convention in Silicon Valley. For more information on their remarkable invention see
I recommend my compilation of 130 Electrical Energy Innovations which is also available in my website.