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Richard Moore

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I find a lot to identify with in the above cartoon. I look at the world, and the guiding hand behind unfolding events is totally obvious. It is a continuing mystery to me why most people can’t, or won’t, see that pattern. The huddled sheep symbolize an answer for the won’t contingent: most people won’t believe anything unless the people they associate with believe it as well. No one wants to be an outcast, or the butt of jokes.

In case there is any doubt about the meaning of the cartoon, the man is the bankster clique, the dog is government, politicians, media, corporations, military, and cops – and the sheep are the rest of us. It’s that simple. Nods and whistles from the clique are what decides war or not war, prosperity or poverty, etc. And to the clique, the rest of us are livestock, to be managed, exploited, culled, or slaughtered – whatever is required to fulfill the clique’s agenda at the time.

For those of you who have the courage to think for yourself, but aren’t able to see the pattern – the can’t contingent – I’ve collected some hard evidence for you, some detailed forensic studies…


I can testify, from personal knowledge, that Jim Macgregor’s integrity is impeccable. He’s done the meticulous research, and he doesn’t exaggerate. He’s been working on his book for several years; it is soon to be published, and I can’t wait to get my copy. He’s done us a great favor by summarizing what he’s learned, and everything he says here has been verified by multiple reliable sources:
Jim Macgregor: The tiny clique that runs the world (concise summary)

One of his sources is Carroll Quigley, and here’s a page from Quigley’s book, Tragedy and Hope:
Carroll Quigley: The central bankster system (concise summary)
I can also testify, from personal knowledge, that William Engdahl’s integrity is impeccable, and his research meticulous. While Jim’s focus is more on Word War 1, Europe, and the Rothschilds, Engdahl’s focus is more on the USA and the Rockefellers, over the past century. And again, the clear message is that a tiny clique of banksters are controlling world affairs, and have been doing so for some time:

William Engdahl, Gods of Money


In this age of the Internet, there are more and more people who do understand about the banksters. Brzezinski himself said that more people are politically aware now than ever before in history. I’ve seen this quoted by people several times, presented as a sign of hope. However, they left out the rest of Brzezinski’s statement, where he went on to say that because of this awareness, and because of the lethality of modern weapons, it is now much easier to kill a million people than to control them. That’s the elite attitude in a nutshell, expressed by one of the top dogs. 

But even with this spreading awareness, I see very few people who integrate that awareness into their overall worldview, and into their thinking about ‘what we can do to change things’. So many people, even if they know about the bankster clique, still act as if elections are worth following, that protests are worth participating in, and that media is worth complaining about. They don’t seem to get it, that engaging with the dogs is a waste of time.