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Richard Moore

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rkm responds to Foster

rkm wrote:
I hereby propose that [Foster] and I agree on a question to be be explored, and invite ten others to join us in exploring that question, using DF.

Chris Thorman wrote:
What an excellent idea! I hope you can assign a volunteer to tape and transcribe the whole session if this manages to take place. So glad you 2 are in dialog, and publicly, and with such respect and courtesy.
See ya,


Jim Fadiman wrote:
very well reasoned and said.


Dave Patterson wrote:
Dave Patterson: re/ rkm responds to foster

Jim Macgregor wrote:

Hi Richard,

I believe that your mutually respectful interaction with Foster 
Gamble is the most exciting and potentially promising dialogue in 
cyberjournal for some time. I heartily support your comment “The 
whole pattern of property ownership, as it exists today, is to a large 
extent the result of a long history of violence, coercion, theft, and 
corruption, on different scales, from the global to the local. There 
are no simple answers here.” 

There are, indeed, no simple answers, and I might add that with no 
clear understanding of the fact that an elite Money Power has a global 
stranglehold over ‘property ownership’, Foster and friends, indeed all 
of us, might as well give up and whistle in the wind while quietly 
tending our gardens. How do we take control of our own destinies from 
the Money Power? Is, I respectfully suggest, a crucial question that 
would be suitable for a DF project? You and I survive on meagre 
incomes, but I would be very willing to help out with the airfare for 
you to go meet Foster Gamble.

As you know, our soon to be published books (Random House) on the 
hidden history of the First World War and events in the early 20th 
century, very clearly demonstrate the truth of your statement. Carroll 
Quigley, highly esteemed professor at Georgetown, Princeton, and 
Harvard, and who most certainly knew that of which he spoke, revealed 
how a small secret cabal of immensely wealthy and powerful Anglo-
American individuals got together during the 1890s to formulate a long 
term plan (probably 150-200 years) to take control of the entire 
world. Grabbing South Africa’s rich gold fields from the Boers was 
step one. Half a million young men died in that deliberately created 
war, plus 25,000 innocent Boer women and children in the British 
concentration camps. Step two was destruction of the upcoming 
industrial rival, Germany. We all know that many millions died in that 
horrendous slaughter, but few know that it was very deliberately caused 
by the Money Power in the City and Wall Street, not by Germany. 

In the years before and during WW1, the Secret Elite took control of 
virtually the entire banking, industrial and armaments might of the 
British Empire and the United States. We are talking here of fewer men 
than would be in one of your DF sessions. Namely, J. P. Morgan, J.D. 
Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg in the US, and Lord 
Nathaniel Rothschild in England. We have substantial evidence to prove 
that the great Wall St forces, Morgan, Schiff and Warburg were 
actually fronts for the Rothschild dynasty. Rather than fight the 
giant, Rockefeller gladly accepted Rothschild overtures to join them. 
This handful of men controlled the railroads, shipping, public 
utilities, coal and copper etc mining throughout the US and Britain. 
They controlled the press, the politicians and more importantly 
perhaps, they controlled the Federal Reserve System and the Bank of 
England. Professor Quigley clearly explains and details their ‘triple 
front penetration’ of politics, the press and education. Virtually 
every major geopolitical event over the last century stems from this 
tiny, all-powerful clique. Without a clear understanding of this, and 
the fact that the descendents and agents of these corrupt and malignant 
individuals remain in control of global ‘property’, attempts to 
release ourselves from their grip and move forward in creating the 
decent world we all desire, is impossible. As you well understand, 
Richard, their fascistic ‘New World Order’ is not far off. 

Kind regards,