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Richard Moore

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Helen Basinger wrote:

I’ve learned that being in a state love and forgiveness is the only way out of this mess. For myself it’s an evolving project of course!
What I’d really like right now is the ancient Gnostic training to experience the Light of the Creator.
I’ve loved your cyberjournal.

Nice to hear from you Helen. I’m glad cyberjournal has been good for you. The light of the creator; sounds good. Reflect a little my way when you tune in to the right channel.

Jim Macgregor wrote:

Hi Richard,
I for one have learned a lot and gained a much greater understanding of 
elite rule and how the world really works thanks to reading your 
Escaping the Matrix essay and joining your list some 12 years ago. I 
want to thank you and fellow subscribers for that. However, after 
gaining that understanding I have now very reluctantly reached the 
conclusion that there is little or nothing we can do to change things. 
Because of that I feel frustrated, despairing and sometimes very 
Do you or any others share these emotions, or still believe that 
things can be turned round to create the decent, caring, peaceful world 
that all cyberjournal subscribers desire? 
You write: “So far away from old friends and family, here in Ireland, 
you’ve been an important community for me.” 
Perhaps you should consider inviting that “community” to Ireland for a 
week or ten days get together sometime next year – a week of informal 
craic, sightseeing and social interaction with some real Irish 
hospitality. It would be great to meet, put faces to, and talk to 
fellow subscribers. Each would meet the cost of the ‘holiday’ in local 
hotels and a chip-in of say $100 each would easily cover the costs of a 
conference facility, coach-travel visits to a few places of interest, 
ceilidhs and other entertainment. I for one would be well up for a 
terrific week in Ireland. It would give you a nice project to organise 
in Wexford.
Anyhow, thanks for all your work, thoughts and amazing insights. Long 
may it continue. Looking forward to seeing you here in Scotland in 

Hi Jim,

I’m afraid I’ve more or less reached the same state of despair. It’s partly ‘them’, who have more concentrated power than anyone since Genghis Kahn, who have no souls, and who want to get rid of 80% of us. And partly the 80%, who don’t want to know. And partly the activists, who behave as if doing the same things will get new results. So I ask myself, why did I choose to be born in this era? If it was to learn how to deal with frustration, I’m afraid I haven’t learned that one yet. 

I hope others here will respond to your questions.

I really like your suggestion, inviting cyberjournal folks for a week of Irish craic. I know for most that would be quite impractical, but out of more than 500, perhaps we’d get a quorum. I’d give this a low probability of happening, but let me extend the invitation just in case: If anyone out there would be seriously interested in such an adventure, let me know. I’m thinking maybe next Spring, if the world is still in one piece. I think I might be able to arrange something folks would enjoy and remember. 

Yes, September in Scotland, very much looking forward!


Thomas Lundee wrote:

Hi Richard:
I have been receiving your posts for several years now but have only commented once in that time. I like what you have been trying to do – but positive change is being swamped by the world’s insanity. As I sit here in an isolated valley in Western Canada trying to raise a few pigs so that there will be some food resilience in my small community, I can only say that I am living in a bubble of normalcy. No earth changes, no climate disruptions, stable provincial political situation, finally a new leader nationally who I can mostly agree with but there are exceptions such as supporting NATO and demonizing Russia.
Still I am aware through the Internet of what propaganda that is being foisted on us all and I expect in the near future I will be experiencing the results of all the lies, corruption, bad decisions, hidden agenda’s, etc that is building up like a thunderstorm on the horizon of my bubble.
There is no point in talking to my acquaintances as they are totally locked into normalcy bias and have their heads firmly tucked between their legs. By trying to raise issues or preparatory advise I only bring onto myself the derision and scepticism. 
So the fall back position is this! Live through it and be prepared to help in the after time. You can’t stop an avalanche, what you can do is get away from the avalanche and try and be in a position to help some small number after the disaster. I can only suggest those who follow you consider the same. Keep your head down, your food generating possibilities up, your faith in the essential rebalancing that will come after millions die or are displaced and have something to hold in your hand to share with those survivors of war, economic depression, earth changes, climate change and a dozen other disasters that will flow from all this disruption.
Good luck is what I hope for but of course I could be one of the victims as well. I like to think my pigs will provide some food for those that survive even if I do not.
Thomas Lunde

Hi Thomas,

I checked my archives and found the comments you sent in back in 2013. You were advocating that we select our legislators by lottery. What you said made a lot of sense, and I’m sorry I didn’t get around to sharing it with our list. 

You say “no point in talking to my acquaintances”. I know just what you mean, although here in Ireland a lot more people are savvy. I suppose that’s what our list is about, finding other people one can really talk with about world affairs.

What you say about being in a bubble – I think that applies to all of us. Some don’t realize it and some do, but none of us know what it will really feel like when it bursts. I get anxiety attacks just thinking about it. That’s one more reason why I want to change focus.


Jackson Davis wrote:

Where I’m at is the terrifying realization that we are headed towards Near Term Human Extinction. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions are producing not only increasing global temperatures, but also ocean acidification, resulting in habitat changes such that the animals and plants necessary for human sustenance will not be able to adjust and provide us with the food necessary to survive. The research on this is overwhelming. All that is left to us is a planetary hospice to aid others in coping until the end.

Don’t confuse overwhelming with truth. There are times when you need to do your own research. Does it ever seem strange to you that we hear so much about a harmless gas, CO2, and very little about the deadly plutonium being dumped into the sea at Fukushima? 


Sergio Lub wrote:

Hi Richard,
You are in a privilege position to identify the projects with the most leverage for positive change.
    I suggest that you find and report highlighting what is working out there.
    There are only a few examples that I know doing this:
 – being the best know.
    This field can sure use more coverage, you will become a reporter of the future.
Sergio Lub

Thanks for the invitation Sergio, but I’ve never found anything that has any hope of stopping the New World Order steamroller. If we can’t stop that, then any gains we might make are vulnerable to nullification later. I do however find this kind of thing very promising in it’s way, and I’ll be thinking more about it: Time for Tribe. By the way, I’m very honored to be one of your many friends!


Anita Sands Hernandez wrote:

What lessons have you learned from life?

I find it very difficult to try to answer that kind of question. In some sense everything I say on cyberjournal is part of the answer. In another sense, with this ‘taking stock’ material, I’m announcing that I want to start learning new kinds of things from life. At this stage of life (I’m 73) I’m finding that what I’ve learned so far is not nourishing my soul. 


Rex Green wrote:
    I, too, have benefited from sharing your journey.  Thank you so much!  
    I doubt that we will stop learning more about how the world works, but I am ready to start engaging with “the world” and try out some ideas you and your group have regarding replacing elite dictatorships with democratic communities.  I have recently learned that the elite sycophants are even trying to redefine democracy to make it okay to have dominating leaders (Pateman, Carole “Participation and Democratic Theory”).  If we wait longer, even fewer people will know otherwise.  
    I have drafted a plan for a community-based representative governing process that can be applied to multiple layers of governance and a strategy for replacing our corporatist government with a people-oriented government.  I have gone as far as I can go with my ideas.  Now, I am looking for feedback.  Perhaps, you can check with your subscribers to see if anyone wants to help me develop these ideas further???  I think your work on community decision-making might fit well with my proposals. 
Rex Green

Hi Rex,

It’s been good having you on board. If anyone writes in to help with your ideas, I’ll forward their messages to you. If you want to send me a summary, I’d be happy to comment on it.

best wishes to all,
richard (rkm)