re/ The New World Order: the endgame has begun

Tasha wrote:
“Hi. RKM. I was just thinking how much I missed your missives. Hope you are well. How are you doing? Yes T. is an embarrassment to thinking people. I am often ashamed for my country. He’s not my president. t Tasha”

Thanks for your concern Tasha. I’m doing fairly well for a 75-year old, but don’t have much energy for writing articles. I spend a lot of time listening to books from and posting important news items to Alternative Politics International, a very useful facebook group set up by Earl Druther. (You may want to avoid facebook, but one can make use of it without sharing personal information on it.)

I’ve been gathering my energy to write another article about Trump and ‘what it all means’. The struggle between him and the Democrats is like a TV wrestling match, dramatic but all fake. What we need to be looking at is our response to that theater.
Jane Sahin wrote:
“Thanks  for this Richard.
Here is a new site from Devon. Which is very good. Perhaps you already have herd of it. Following the news daily from the UK.
Best wishes Jane Sahin.
Thanks Jane. Looks like some good stuff on that site.
Jerold Hubbard wrote:
“Good Article Richard,  Thanks for sharing it! ”
One of the reasons I haven’t been writing is that most of what I’ve got to say has already been posted. If you like that article, I recommend taking a new look at my website, There you will find the story of where my research and thinking has led me, along with links to my most important articles. What they predict continues to unfold before our eyes.
Sue Skidmore wrote:
“Greetings Richard!
Do you think Bitcoin is the way to go?  I have heard that it is so expensive now that part of one coin is worth hundreds of dollars.
Or should we just go live in the dust?
Whatever, I hope that we are no longer pawns for the Gods of Money satanistic cult blood rituals, war, hate, racism & sexism.
Sue in Missouri”

If Bitcoin was going to help us, it would be outlawed. There are no magic bullets. 
Bitcoin biggest bubble in history, says economist who predicted 2008 crash