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rkm wrote (re/ cults):
To question cult beliefs is not disagreement; it is heresy, evil. We can see this with today’s biggest cult, the global-warming cult, where questioning dubious assumptions is called ‘denial’, and where the strongest believers have the least understanding of the claims they parrot.
As exemplified here…
D wrote (re/ climate):
Alas you still refuse to accept climate science. I dare you to post this response on your listserve, which you obviously censor.
This article is available online at: 
Forbes whose motto is  “The capitalist tool”
How appropriate! Continue raping the biosphere and plunge the world into Climate Hell, while the 1000 billionaires on the planet retreat to their gated communities in the Far North where the temperature is temperate?
No respect for Richard Muller informed change of view?

Notice how the emphasis is on ‘which side you are on’, rather on a discussion of science. One article is dismissed because of where it was published, and the other is lauded because it represents a ‘conversion’ of a former sinner. Non-believers aren’t just wrong; they are planet-rapists leading us to Hell. As for Richard Muller, he simply confirms that temperatures are higher now than they were in the 1700s. As as we can see in the chart below, that rise follows exactly a long-term natural pattern in the Northern Hemisphere, indicating that co2 levels seem to have no effect on temperatures.

Bo Filter wrote (re/ thinking about pre-history):
Would not “world-circling mile-high tsunamis” wipe out nearly all life, something much more catastrophic than the 60 million year ago astroid that knocked out dinosaurs and gave mammals a foothold?

Hi Bo,

Based on the diversity of species around us, we can see that even the most devastating cataclysms leave enough survivors to re-establish most species. But if the survivors are only a few percent and scattered, and if infrastructures and crops are destroyed, then social & cultural continuity would be seriously disrupted. 



C wrote (re/ thinking about pre-history):
In my line of yoga masters, we teach that there are 24,000-year (or perhaps 26,000-year, coinciding with precession of the equinoxes) cycles in which human potential for understanding on this planet rises and falls — so every 24,000 years is a peak, and then 12,000 years from that, is the next trough. It’s a purely mechanical thing relating to this planet and its position within this particular galaxy. Last trough (depth of “Kali Yuga”) bottomed out around 500 A.D. We are now in a rising period, about 1,700 years past that lowest point. During the very highest ages, architecture, writing, etc. are not necessary. They are created during lower ages 1) because they are simply needed once again, and 2) to preserve memories of prior knowledge which now must be externally encoded as those higher-than-ours-but-nevertheless-descending civilizations struggle to retain order. (And of course, as you said – massive environmental changes are also constantly occurring — changing the available footprint on the planet for human habitation and hence civilization, and providing another explanation for why so little is often found of these very ancient cultures.) It is worth noting that ALL (what we consider) ancient civilizations say that their civilization descended from higher ages.
Consider reading this book — it explores these ideas in terms of the scientific findings out there that (the authors suggest) are either ignored or misinterpreted and could also be interpreted in support of the Yuga theory.


Stephanie McDowall wrote (re/ thinking about pre-history):
Once you get started on this path you are going to have opportunities for truly enjoyable speculation….in my opinion.
I believe civilizations have risen and fallen many many times over the eons with each new world wide civilization mostly ignorant of the  past. India’s Vedic writings (Vedas)are informative in this regard and are considered to be the oldest sacred writings in the world. They divide the world’s history into ages which each age being thousands of years long.80 thousand I think but I can’t actually remember. Getting old now Richard and my mind is pretty cluttered.
I bought “Forbidden Archeology” when it first came out years ago. The most expensive book I have bought in my life but interesting and informative.
It is amazing to me how arrogant “Western” civilization is when it comes to other people, other cultures and other ages. Probably some very real knowledge is passed down through various secret societies such as the Masonic lodges when you get past the 33rd degree. Rome of course is filled with texts, knowledge and myths from other cultures which they keep suppressed.
Our world is due, I think, for another cataclysmic event and fairly soon. Perhaps caused by the sun. I expect the end will be swift. Not a lot of long term suffering.
Turkey has a huge and very old (thousands of years) underground city that would have accommodated thousands of people. Perhaps a similar situation was the reason:
The U.S. has also built huge underground cities for those they believe are deserving of being given shelter from some type of life ending event. There are the elite of course who will be given access to these places but also all the necessary servant class to look after them.
If any culture is deserving of being destroyed it is ours but more specifically the U.S. and British because of all the horrific suffering it has inflicted on so many people world wide. While all this has been happening the populations of these countries have for the most part stayed silent and accommodating. But….for those who have spoken out…..they have not been listened to. Few paid any attention and/or these individuals were destroyed in one way or another. 
Only Russia and China have built a significant number of shelters for their ordinary populations. The West doesn’t appear to do this.

Hi Steph,

Thanks for the references to the underground cities in Turkey. I posted to newslog about it, and below is a drawing.



Biophilos wrote:
Paul Craig Roberts wrote:
Leftists don’t understand that the Reagan administration intervened in Grenada and Nicaragua in order to signal to the Soviets that there would be no more Soviet expansion or client states and that it was time to negotiate the end of the cold war.
this is incorrect…..and misleading…..Gallant Reagan……yeah sure….the reason was to hide their blunder in Lebanon with the marines invading and being bombed in their barracks….
very quietly the American Public’s mind if they have one collectively was taken off the disaster but invading a helpless and defenseless small fry in the Caribbean…

Hi ‘Biophilos’,

I must disagree with both of you. Paul’s analysis doesn’t make sense because Grenada and Nicaragua were not Soviet projects, even if the media at the time tried to portray them as such. As regards your own analysis, I suggest you are missing the bigger context…
     We were ‘suffering’ as a nation at the time from ‘Vietnam Syndrome’. That is, there was a strong and nearly universal public sentiment against foreign military entanglements, in the wake of the US defeat in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the neocons were already making their plans to invade Iraq et al. My view is that the Grenada & Nicaragua episodes were designed to incrementally reawaken the traditional American warpath mentality. In any case, that was the outcome. When the neocons launched their Desert Storm, Americans were stuck to their TVs, enjoying the vicarious carnage. If the Marine-barracks incident played a role, it was to get folks in the mood for revenge, and was perhaps ‘allowed to happen’ for that purpose – part of the Kill-the-Syndrome project.



Rich Clark wrote (re/ elite plans):
I just read your rather chilling analysis, “The Elite Plan for a New
World Social Order”, in which you predict a very ominous (for the
working class) future. It brings to mind the writing of Carroll
Quigley in his 1966 book Tragedy and Hope. See the attached scan of
page 324.

Hi Rich,
Quigley, who had access to elite records, is of course one of the primary sources for those of us who attempt to interpret elite actions and motivations. Many thanks for scanning in the page below, as it sums up the big picture of central-banksterism very succinctly. It names the BIS as the apex of the control structure, and indeed it was the BIS that ignited the collapse of 2008, simply by changing the rules of bookkeeping. 
I’m intrigued by the founding dates of the Bank of England and the Bank of France, as shown below. Both were founded in the wake of republican revolutions against monarchy. This illustrates very clearly that these revolutions represented a regime change from the tyranny of monarchs to the tyranny of central banksters; the part about democracy, liberty, equality, and fraternity was window dressing to enlist the masses in support of regime change. 
Regime change, aka cultural destabilization, is a favorite tool of the bankster elite. And always it must be portrayed as something positive. We are now in the midst of a momentous regime change, where nation states and capitalism are being abandoned, along with any notion of a political process. It is easy for this to be seen as ‘something positive’, and the Zeitgeist-Thrive-Anonymous-Assange genre spell it out for us, if we can’t read between the lines. But always we must keep in mind the relevant dictums: be careful what you wish for, and beware of elites bearing gifts.