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Richard Moore

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Peter Koenig wrote:

Agree with what Chris says and with your summary:

– True reality cannot be expressed in words.

– Ordinary reality is a kind of dream state.
– The universe is an essentially friendly place.
– Consciousness pervades the universe.
– Some kind of cosmic purpose is served by ordinary reality.

I am often confronted with the first point – and couldn’t agree more with it.

But wonder what you mean with the last one.

Hi Peter,
Carl Jung said that when we die, we meet with our circle of past-life friends and report on what we’ve learned. The Gnostics, according to Not in His Image, believed that Gaia (the Goddess Sophia) created The Anthropos in order to introduce innovation into the cosmos. In our ordinary reality, dreams often give us inspiration, even scientific breakthroughs at times. By analogy, if ordinary reality is the dream state of true reality, perhaps we wake up with inspirations relevant to the higher reality. 


john wiley wrote:
This reminds me of Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision. My library describes it like this. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read it.
Velikovsky presents the revolutionary results of his 10-year-long interdisciplinary research into modern catastrophism based on eyewitness reports by ancestors, which shook the doctrine of uniformity of geology as well as Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Actually, Worlds in Collision was ridiculed by geologists. Even when catastrophism was later accepted, Velikovsky’s work is almost never cited. Also, Worlds in Collision is highly speculative, while his subsequent Ages in Chaos is a very solid and scientific piece of work. But to the mainstream, once tainted, always in Coventry.


Vera Gottlieb wrote:
I spent last Winter – December to March, in southern Portugal – the Algarve. Loved it. What really impressed me – and wasn’t prepared to see, was how clean Portugal is.


Sue Skidmore wrote:
Since you are in fairly close proximity—you should check it out sometime… The “boat people” are a rather strange breed. Part of that type of life is appealing though.
The photos are beautiful but they do not reveal the polluted water below.